Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you when...

...this Chubb Rock song came out:

The year was 1990, I was 12, in the 7th grade at Fallstaff Middle School and I lived and breathed to watch what was called The Jukebox Network where you could order videos to play for around 99 cents.

I knew pretty much every video in rotation and for most, the dance they did in it. I was just beginning to like boys (amongst other things), desperately wanted a pair of Major Damage or Used jeans and would beg my older sister to buy me a new pair of high-top Reeboks every holiday so I could appear to have several pairs (didn't always work).

In big glassses, side ponytails, and 2 extra thick pairs of slouch socks, I wasn't popular, but cool among the cooler kids and never shy to jump on the dance floor to show what moves I'd learned at the school's socials.

I played flute in the school band, subscribed to Teen magazine and couldn't wait to be a teenager and begin going on dates just like in the magazine.

Where were you?