Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: A Year in Review

Well, another one has come to an end and as usual, I like to look back and reflect on the year. It was a good one. Interesting, rocky in some areas, but full of growth, good times, new adventures and some nice surprises.

The Goods:

  • after setting a goal to get into local film last fall,m I'm delighted to say I not only started doing some acting and writing but starred in 4 local films during the year, one of which wsas screened at the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring and won an audience favorite award. Go me!

  • I also had the opportunity if being apart of a 2nd video shoot (see E Major's video), which was not only fun but gave me the opportunity to see some good friends I hadn't in awhile.

  • Finally got to go to Miami's South Beach (see that thread for pics).

  • Finally got the spend an entire weekend in New York, spending too much money but had a ball.

  • Finally got to go to San Diego, twice on business and see the left coast.

  • Had the pleasure of seeing Beyonce and Citizen Cope in concert.

  • Went camping for the first time.

  • Started my very own Baltimore Filmmaking Group to help local filmmakers network.

  • Saw Chicago, the musical, in the theater.

  • After a long round of sucky, uneventful, yawn-worthy and dismal first dates, I finally had an amazing first date with someone that proved to be a cut above the rest. Can't wait to see what else happens! Flirty 2

The Sucky Stuff:

Well, true to form, there were also a handful of awful, yucky stuff which honestly doesn't even deserve bullets here. There were some really dreadful, painful moments, lots of tears shed, remorseful things were said, regretful areas where things weren't said, hurt feelings, rejection, loneliness, writer's block (who knew), procrastination, agitation, various annoyances, migraines, friends left behind, friends who left me behind, job boredom/aggravation, conference calls, too-long meetings, isolation and overall suckation.

But that's all behind me now. A new year is approaching and as always, I'm going in and coming out with a bang. And I'm excited to see how this one unfolds and what new adventures I get into.

See ya on the other side!

Friday, December 21, 2007

What Constitutes A Slut?

I have was a having conversation recently about the news of Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's lil sister being pregnant and all the disdain and disgust from it and noticed how quickly people are to judge and label others, particularly celebrities. Specifically, labeling people as sluts and whores and it got me thinking; what really constitutes a slut? Perfect example: Paris Hilton.

Its no secret, that the heiress has a sordid reputation and is widely called a slut, a whore and loose, but to be quite honest, I'm not completely sold on this nor do I think its totally justified.

What would actually make her a slut? My definition has always been someone who casually sleeps around or has sexual relations with several people at a time. Do we know that she's has done that; has slept around with numerous people?

Here's what we do know:

  • she was engaged to Jason Shaw from 2002-2003, then engaged to Paris Latsis is 2005. She was also in commited relationships with Stavros Niarchos III and Rick Salomon.

  • She's also been quoted as saying on Regis & Kelly "One-night stands are not for me. I think it's gross when you just give it up. Guys want you more, if you don't just hand it to them on a platter."

  • She's currently in a committed monogamy relationship with a Swedish model.

So what exactly makes her a slut? Ok, here's what more I dug up:

  • She was featured in a sex tape (1 Night in Paris) with then boyfriend Rick Salomon, which was then distributed for profit against her wishes. She even sued her ex for damages.

  • She's appeared in a number of ads and endorsement deals scantily clad and sexually provocative (The Carl's Jr.'s campaign comes to mind). She has also be photographed half naked many times.

  • She has been seen out many times without underwear.
  • She dresses sexually provocatively.

  • She is known for being a hardcore partier and has been spotted out on the club scene regularly.

  • She is a women with many friends and dates frequently and has been spotted out with many guys and kissing and canoodling with differnet people.
So in evaluating with I know and have read about her, I have to ask again, what makes her a slut? Is it the sex tape? Cause I seriously know lots of people who have done things on video or had pictures taken of them in compromising positions.

Is is because of her highly sexually charged pictorials and ads, such as the Carls Jr's ad? Or is it because she's done this to promote products or sell her image? I myself, have had photos taken in a sexually provocative way to promote photographers' work and for my own personal portfolio. Turth is, most top models are photographed nearly naked. In fact, a succesful model is one that has to be comfortable enough with her body to potray what the clients need.

Is it the going commando? Because I can assure you, there are many women who have gone out without panties on. We have been lucky enough to not have papparazzi following us and recording our every move but its done, all over the world and probably at a club near you. And probably not even a club.

Could it be the sexually provocative dress? Many other women do this for a night out on the town, for their husbands or boyfriends, to the beach or just for fun. Is it 'you are what you wear' or 'if it walks like a duck...'? Does just showing your body is a provocative manner, mean you're slutty or easy?

It can't be the partying and drinking cause we've all pretty much been there.

What about being seen out with different men? This one hits home with me. For years, I was a swinging, single girl who dated often and very frequently and if papparazzi were following me, they would have found me out with different guys on the regular and probably assumed they were boyfriends, lovers or what have you. Truth is, I just dated a lot. But despite the large number of guys I might have gone out with, there was only a very small fraction that I truly dated and spent time with and an even smaller amount that I was intimate with, in commited and non-commited relationships

So again, what makes Paris Hilton a slut? Or Britney Spears a slut? Or Kim Kardashian a slut? Cause I've heard all these women called these names. Seems to me that these women have had a string of committed relationships (some acts caught on tape, others not) but we have no real proof of them having random sex with anyone. Sex with boyfriends, yes. But just anybody? I guess some may have a different definition of the word but going by these examples, well that would clearly make me a slut or a whore, since I'm guilty of most of the same things.

So am I a slut?

Someone has also mentioned to me that this is due to the whole virgin/whore dichotomy that exists in our society; that women can truly only be one or the other. Although, I believe every women has some angel and some devil in them to varying degrees.

And I don't even have the time to get into how if any of these women were male, they would be heralded as playboys and a players, not sluts.

I just find it interesting how quickly we are to label women as sluts and I still have a difficult time understanding why.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Don't Call Him Girl

before you even think about picking up that phone,
remember how he left you hanging,
stranded, sad and all alone.

Before you even consider sending that text,
recall his guarded walls,
and how he had the balls,
to curtail his a daily communications,
to weekly, check-in calls.

Before you get all excited,
remember how your feelings were left unrequited,
Don't allow your mind to forgive the bad and emphasize the good.
Remember you were not considered,
you were not invited.
You were slighted.

Before you start to spin fantasies
all up in your head,
remember you were never in his,
at least not outside of his bed.
Remember what he did,
and not what he said.
Cause his words only attempted to feed,
the heart that needed to be fed.
Leaving the mind confused,
the soul shaken; the heart bled.

Lets go back and recall,
How he pursued you like a hawk,
And how you let him in,
Cause you thought he was genuine,
and then it crumbled when the catch was caught.

Take note of the blatant excuses,
Which got more and more absurd.
How baffled and dazed he left you
And when his actions didn't match his words.
Fuck what you heard!

Why should you try to mend a union,
that was never quite on track?
When you took steps forward,
and he took steps back.
And why should you compromise yourself
for a situation that was wack?
Only a fool would put up with his fuckery
Only an idiot would go back.

I remember how you were stressing,
over how you were confessing,
that your feelings were progressing,
too bad, his were regressing.
The love that's right won't keep you guessing.

Girl, don't buy into his temporary charms
he'd rather try his hand at all the beautiful women out there,
then to focus his attention on the one in his arms.

If his feelings were true,
He would have fought for you
the breakup was overdue
you alone can't build a house for two.
You came with your honesty,
he bullshitted and flew,
What is a girl to do?
You were smart the first time,
when you bid him adieu.

Your history was rocky,
only when he was bored, he appeared.
He entertained you just for the moment,
Then weekends hit, he disappeared.

You tried, he lied,
you cried, he denied.
Why give him back the option
and let him decide?
Why invest in a man that could never provide?
When you have everything to give,
and nothing to hide?
Is this a symptom of loneliness
or are you all about the ride?
Between you and him is a great divide.
Girl take back your pride!

Don't delude yourself into thinking,
he had the package deal.
Don't settle for some breadcrumbs,
when what you want is a real meal.

If he gave half a damn,
he’d have shown you that care,
he’d had put in the effort of building something,
the two of you could share.
And his sexin’ was hardly the best.
Oh yes!
I went there.

You'd be playin' yourself to go back.
Don't let him disgrace you.
Cause he didn't even bat an eye,
to replace you.
Nor is he breaking his neck now,
to chase you.
Or come correct with deserving treatment,
to embrace you.
Don't let him waste you.

You accepted him flaws and all,
while he made comments that made you feel sub par,
You were attentive to his needs,
trying to get closer,
while he toyed with your head,
and kept you emotionally far.

Know that this comes,
from a source of love
Please don't take this as an attack.
You call me, when you're feeling weak,
talk to me if you need a good smack.
Cause you deserve so much more,
than his tired, played out act
Keep moving forward, baby girl.
Don't look back.

© 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you...

...(left you) without a dope beat to step to. Step to, step to, step to..."

*sigh* I know some of you have probably been checking in and wondering where am I; why haven't I been up on my blogs. My apologies. Like anyone else, life has been happening lately and keeping the mind utterly preoccupied and consumed. But I'm hoping to clear the head and get some blogs up soon.

So what's been up with me? Here's the rundown:

  • Xmas (yes this agnostic celebrates the secular holiday). Been trying to scrounge up money to buy gifts for my loved ones and homies. Every opportunity is shopping, scraping, hunting and pecking. Sucks!

  • Immunizations. Did I tell ya'll I'm going to Rio De Janeiro next month? Well, the immunization costs are a beast and have put the breaks on my social life. I barely have 5% of my pay left after that. That's real.

  • New projects. So I'm been slated to work on a new documentary with a DC filmmaker friend of mine, except this time, I'm going to be more involved in the writing and directing of it. In fact, he says, I'm doing all of it (ha ha)! Research and planning needs to take priority. Shooting schedule will follow in January. Yay! Least that is fun.

  • 'Member that whole 'hating winter' rant? Like a mofo! Let me tell you by the time I grind my teeth through 40 mins of rush-hour traffic (cause its below my minimum temperature requirement to take metro), peel off the 3 layers of clothing I have on and clean my dripping, runny nose, I'm so not in the mood most evenings. I seriously need to decompress and that has gotten in the way of blogging.

But it won't be long ya'll. As always, I'm be cooking up sumthin' sumthin' for ya soon!

Kisses & licks,

Girl From Park Heights Blog Management

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Interracial Dating: Need Some Cream in your Coffee?

My girl Cat had posted a blog the other week about interracial dating and the woes of the black women and I responded but it still got me thinking on the subject and I wanted to share my thoughts here.

I'm sure by now, most of us are famaliar with the sad statistics on how nearly half of black woman will never marry, can't find good men, are having babies out of wedlock, raising kids alone and blah, blah, blaze blah. Basically, if you're a black woman who had your heart set on meeting and marrying an eligible black man, and worse if you're professionally successful and highly educated, well, you may be shit outta luck.

However, research articles are saying it may be light at the end of the tunnel. Its funny how me and my black girlfriends will be out and we'll see a black man with a white woman on his arms and immediately scrunch up our faces and think 'why her? when there are so many of us wandering around'. However, its even funnier how when we see a black woman out with a white man on her arms, we want to cheer, give high fives, standing ovations, dap, love etc. And why?

Cause you know what I say: Take their men too!

Don't hate! Congratulate. No better yet, conjugate, copulate, mate! That's right. Black women, iffin you are trying to secure a committed relationship with marriage potential, please do not sell yourself short by only considering one type of guy. There are so many more out there and truthfully, you just may have to consider different colors and flavors! Why should we go without while all our racial counterparts are getting their men and building homes and lives together, while we struggle trying to be mothers and fathers, raising kids and maintaining homes alone or worse not having kids cause we haven't found a partner! Why should we accept perpetual singledom if that's not what we want! We need to expand our horizons.

Seriously, we are too good to be missing the boat on having a family or finding true love. Sometimes you just need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You maybe surprised what you could stumble upon; like a real love.

*Sigh* I'm So Over Big Boobs

So ya'll are probably going to roll your eyes reading this but I've come to the conclusion that big breastisis are so overrated and having then, I'm over it. In fact, I wish mine were a bit smaller.

Once upon I time, I was a young girl, growing and developing and wearing an A-sized training bra in the 4th grade. I kept on growing until I reached a comfortable 34, B-cup by age 12, where I remained until college. I was happy there. The boys took notice, girls envied, I could buy bras in any shop and always had a nice little cleavage that never really interfered with anything.

Then sometime during college, I had another growth spurt and expanded into a 36, C-cup. Still I was pleased. I had a nice round, pert rack that was the envy of most and I could sport any top with pride. I was happy. It was great.

Then again, something changed. I began noticing my bras getting tighter and not fitting right. Buttons popping off shirts. Could it be? Oh snap! At the age of around 26-27, I had yet another growth spurt and was diasppointed to discover I was now a 36 D-cup. A D-cup! I thought that was for older ladies who had already popped out kids, not young trim ones like me. Dang!

So now, buying bras is a total hassle as all the cute ones are for smaller cups, like the lacy or printed ones. Know which are standard in D-cup; black, beige and white solid colored bras. AND, you need to get to the store on like the first day of new merchandise to even get the D-cup sizes. And forget bikinis. If anyone has seen my latest Miami bikini shots, I'm sure you've noticed, I was just barely hanging in there. There's always some sideage, underneathage and overage hanging out, no matter how you try and get it or else buy some overly large granny top with the wire. Please!

Sure, I can rock a clingy T-shirt like no other but in any other low-cut top, there is always the threat of them falling out and spilling over. On the dancefloor, I am always conscious of my boobs, where they're going and whether they are staying where they need to. It hinders my dance skills. Then just laying around in bed or around the house, there's always this flipping and flopping around, swinging and moving independently from each other, just gets on my nerves.

And there's the threat of them getting bigger after childbirth! Naw, naw, naw. This is enough. No bigger. Its just not cute to me anymore. I'd love to have smaller, firmer, perkier little boobs. A B-cup again. Boobs that make the overall shape look more tight and athletic than these big, tired fat-bags taking up my chest.

Not seriously complaining. I realize, I'm blessed. But damn, the blessing can stop now. I need no more!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

10 Things I'm Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Totally stealing this blog idea from the Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic.

  1. Nip/Tuck's newest season. Thank the agnostic gods that FX has brought back my Tuesday night debauchery fix. Everytime, I hear them say 'shit', 'dick' or 'pussylips', I squeal in delight at having some sliver of X-rated adult humor slipped into basic cable for broke mofos like me and act as if they did it just for me. Carry on FX and Drs. Troy and McNamara. Please, continue to spoil me with gratuitous sex, tight bare asses and insane plotlines. Best thing on TV today!

  2. Fast metabolisms. Though mine has slowed a notch. I'm so grateful to still have the ability to guzzle beer, dine on cheese, gorge on pizza and throw myself on the mercy of french fries and other goodies and still be able to get into my lovely low-rise jeans. I realize it won't last forever and I'm going to milk it for all its worth.

  3. Tiffany's Beauty Supply on Reisterstown Rd. I LUV me some them! Since I was in high school, this store has been hooking me up and I'm so pleased to see them grow and expand their wonderful store. Whatever your beauty needs, seriously, they have it. And yes, I consider myself as their personal endorser.

  4. My kitten babies: Angel Baby Muffin and Camryn Pumpkin. Obviously, I'm in love with my kitties. Joy to me is begin greeted at the door by a sweet, little fluffy butt, waking up to a soft little paw on my shoulder, having a warm, nuzzling little body on my lap when I'm on the computer, seeing sincere, gentle little round eyes looking out for me when I'm sick and having a lovable little friend lay on the floor when I'm cooking or taking a bath just cause she wants to be near me. If you have never experienced that kind of love from a pet, I highly suggest it.
  5. My Ipod. Cause lets face it, people are gross, boring and icky sometimes and what better escape then to be able to stick some earbuds in your ears, crank your own created playlist and tune everybody the hell out. I only wish I could listen to it all the time.
  6. Employment. I am grateful to still have gainful employment and to not have gotten fired thus far. I seriously hope I can keep the charade up and keep the paychecks a-coming. Cause being broke, in in default with bills and having bad credit sucks. So I've heard.

Yada, yada, yada.

Uhhh, yeah, sadly I started this one last week and have since gotten bored with it, so I don't actually have a 7-10 but lets just say life has been kind to me as of late but I'm kinda over this particular blog.

Moving along.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stop Embarassing Yourself Tiffany!

Ya know, I am not a fan of breast implants at all but what is worst to me, is when an already well-endowed person, then decides to blow themselves up even more, I guess in a sadder attempt to conform to grotesque Hollywood standards. Ladies and gentleman, I'm talking about Tiffany Pollard, aka New York of VH1 fame. I just happened to be flicking channels (cause I can't stand her new show and refuse to watch it) and the first thing that stood out (aside from her usual garish overdone makeup and bigger-than-life weaves) are her newly enlarged breasts, plumped so freaking high in the air, they are nearly slapping her in the face. They actually only sit inches away from her chin.

Yo, Tiffany, you look RI-DIC-U-LOUS!

Stop embarassing yourself!
You will never have a serious acting career by bimboing yourself out like some cracked-out, version of Pam Anderson. And stop doing these I Love New York shows. If it has taken 3 shows to help you find a man, obviously, its not helping you or your career. You are making a fool of yourself!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I So Hate Winter, I Swear

Yeah, I know, it's not even winter but just the drop in temperature lately to 40 degrees has got my griping already and getting ready to have a 'tude over the impending new season anyway.

I hate winter time. And here's why.

I hate cold air. I hate the feeling of a chilly, winter breeze, freezing my cheeks, watering my eyes and turning my nose into an instant faucet, so much in fact, that I have to dig into my pockets praying to the gods I don't believe in that there are some old tissues hidden in there to clean up my snotty nose.

I hate large, heavy, bulky woolen coats and thick socks; gloves that I have to cover my delicate little fingers with but then also have to pull them off to find change or do anything that requires me to decipher what I'm touching. I hate wearing scarves to cover my neck or hats so I don't catch a death of cold, which also serves to mush down the hairdo that I spent meticulous time creating before I left the house and of which I'll have to refix, soon as I get to my destination. I hate having to be bundled up. I much prefer for my skin to receive as much sun and air as possible. I hate having to wear layers and socks with shoes to keep my petite, 'lil frame warm.

I hate snow. Yep, I hate snow. Cause while its all pretty and peaceful looking when you're cozy in your house, in pajamas, sipping on hot cocoa, with nothing to do but curl up with a book or watch movies, its a pain in the crack of my ass when you then have to go to work and must brave the elements in the aformentioned layers of clothing, armed with nothing less than an ice scraper, defroster and thick snow boots to first, clean off your car, then dig it out its spot and pray when you leave that some selfish mofo won't immediately take the parking spot your worked you lil snot-nosed, frozen cold ass off cleaning up.

I hate how my car acts in the snow. Unlike the beautiful, glory days of summer, when it takes off smoothly right after the key is in ignition, its V6 engine, ready and willing to do just as I say. Under 30 degrees, it will hesitate as if wiping the sleep from it eyes and clearing its throat as if it say 'You want me to do what, now? And where?' There is always the 5 seconds when it acts like it won't start and I think 'oh well, have to call outta work' and then the moment when it does and then its 'aw, damn', when the engine slowly and tiredly kicks in.

Then you get to hit the nasty roads. Thanks to the snow, the roads are then condensed into smaller lanes. Sometimes multiple-lane roads become one-lane roads as you try to bypass ice patches and simple drivers that didn't see the ice patches, swerving in your lane as you then swerve elsewhere to dodge causing a collision, for fear of increasing that daggone auto insurance rate. If its still snowing, visibility is poor as you put your wipers on high and squint to see through the frosty windshield. Then when you get to where you need to go (at double the usual time), half of the parking spaces are gone since the plows needed to push the snow somewhere, so you're trying to squeeze into what available spot is left and leave yourself room to get out. Then at the end of the day, you get to do the cleaning and digging again. Oh what fun!

I hate how the beautiful snow, then turns dark and cruddy and dirty a few days later, coating the city streets with ugg. I hate the salt the plowers spray on the sides of your car and how you have to get it off quickly for fear of it ruining your paint job. I hate how my car looks 5 days after a snowfall. I also hate the loooong line at the car wash the first day the weather is clear again cause everybody had the same idea.

I hate how during the winter months, it gets dark by 5pm, making it twice as hard to go back out in the evening since it feels much later than what it is. I also hate the lack of sunshine and gray sky snow brings as it puts a damper on my overall mood. Bright sunshine is happiness to me.

I hate having a birthday in the dead on winter; February, when nasty weather always threatens to ruin my plans. I recall the flu bug that would mysteriously go around every single February growing up, trying to cancel my birthday parties. I hate that the going-out options are limited when its 20 degrees out in February and that nobody wants to go out in February, including me!

I hate sweaters. I hate turtlenecks. I hate any clothes that restrict my body and covers every inch of my skin. I hate how dry my hair and skin gets. I hate trembling. I hate having to almost make a run for it anytime I'm outside to get from the building to the car as quickly as possible.

I hate it!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

E Major's Nuthin'Nice/You Know That Video

Doing another favor for a friend, I got asked to play an extra in my friend E Major's video Nuthin' Nice. So on time I was and on the set two weeks ago to play an exta, which then turned into Girl#4, or a role I like to call 'Pissed Off Stripper". The premise is he's interviewing girls for a job and I guess I was suppose to be some sort of reformed stripper (with a visual resume in hand) trying to make anew. The backstory I created was that I had two kids to feed and was trying to make a new start on the straight and narrow but apparently I was disqualified for the position due to my unseemly past.

Damn, ever since that Verbatim video I've been typecast like a mofo! Nevertheless, the video is mad tight.
Big ups to the director Hilton Carter and the Undersound Crew. Ya'll are doing it!

Man, That's an Ass Whopping Right There.

So apparently, the wildfire started last month that affected Los Angeles county, San Diego, and San Bernardino, destroyed 38,000 acres of land, 21 homes, 42 structures and killed 14 people, might have been started by a 10 year old boy.

Now if that doesn't call for a swift ass whooping,

then I don't know what would.

Someone needs to whoop that ass, as my girl Sunny would say, down to the white meat!

And that's all I gotta say!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Iraq: Are We Making a Difference or Making it Worse?

I read this article on CNN last week and it really struck me as it described the horrible conditions and situations going on in Iraq right now and it really got me thinking, with all this their describing, are we, the US really making a difference over there? Are we actually helping instead of hindering their growth? Are we making things worse? When the US finally does pull out of Iraq, will they be better off and will they be able to sustain whatever good we've done, if any?

Here's a summary of the main points I got from the article:

  • 1.6 million Iraqi children are now homeless, some due to parental abandoning out of desperation but more from poor socio-economic conditions and deaths from violence.

  • Many families are living in ares without basic necessities such as food and water and there aren't any jobs for provide for these things.

  • Iraq's Red Crescent (I'm assuming is their Red Cross) had to close 18 shelters and are trying to house thousands of people in abandoned government buildings for the winter.

  • The Iraqi children know more about bombs and explosions than basic reading and writing skills.

Another comment that struck me hard:

The greatest concern is the ripple effect it will have in the long term -- an
entire generation lacking basic life skills, surviving with no education, no
income and no families.

Going by this, it sounds pretty dire over there. I wonder if we're really helping those people or just making things much worse.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The New York Weekend

I finally got my butt up to New York for a getaway weekend with friends and had a great time. The issue was the daggone subway. Seriously, too confusing for me. I depended on my girls to figure out how to get where cause apparently there is 5+ ways to get everywhere and more trains than you can count. But we somehow managed.

The highlight of my touring was the Museum of Sex, which explored attitudes of sex and in the media through the ages. LOVED it!
It's a good thing I saw this sign before I got in cause...
This entire floor was nothing but live porn. I actually got to view some of Deep Throat and was impressed!

The scariest part of the tour and sex is pregnancy and childbirth. And that they've used tools like these to get the baby out.

Then we all went out for a night on the town where I then got tore up and drunk dialed several people.
But wasn't I fly in my new sweater, wrap belt and low rise jeans.
Yeah, had to bring a bit o' Bmore to NY.
Then we went to Harlem and had dinner at the famous Sylvia's Soul Food where we saw none other than Rosanne Arnold and Rosie O'Donnell have dinner with friends. Rosanne walked right by our table!

Had me some fun, spent me some money, at me some food and had a plenty of laughs.
So long, for now, New York. I'll be back someday.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Word to My Blog Readers

It has come to my attention that there are many of you (that I know) who have been reading my blogs but for whatever reason has chosen not to comment or let me know.

I wanna know damnit!

So I set up a comment box to the right of this blog to leave me a quick note letting me know what you think. You can also leave comments on any blog post, even if you're not a registered member, by clicking anonymous. But you can choose a nickname, drop your name or make up one for all I know. Hell use a name that only you and I would know.
I just want to hear from you. I want your input.

So drop me a line and send me some love.

'Preciate it!

Hugs, kisses and licks.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Kickball Conclusion

So it was a really fun season of playing kickball. WE held our owner on a complete losing streak and went out with a big bang (we dressed up in leftover Halloween costumes and partied like rockstars). The team was fun, I learned where my strengths are (running and kicking, NOT catching) and the post-game partying was on point.

Had my fun!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007 in Fells Point

Halloween 2007 was a ton of fun and me and some friends hit Fells Point for some bar-hopping, drinks and carrying on. It was mad crowded but the costumes looked great and I had fun taking pics. And the Cheekz were out!


Breakfast of Champions

Spartans- These guys were sooo hot. I think a pushed a girlfriend out of the way to get in this pic!

Uhhh, I think this was his costume.

Duff beer for me.

Again, just thought these guys were hot!

The entire Mario Bros. crew.

Can you believe there were two Uma's?

And his stereo was blasting Run DMC.

With Otis, who I mistakenly called Jerome.

Jesus was in the house (and that was a large cross he was carrying).

Blue Man Group

We believe that was Noah's Ark and they stayed together and walked around Fell's like that.

That Saw clown dude with victim (and he pedaled around on a tricycle).

Stacy in a Hat! So cute!

Me and Michael Vick (there were several)

Cat as a can-can girl. So pretty!

Me and some sexy vampire.

I was a girl scout! Anyone want some cookies?

My favorite costume of the night.

Dick in a Box!

Jill's interpretation of Uma ala Pulp Fiction.

Wha ya gonna call?

Can't wait til next year but I'm going to try and be more original with my costume.