Saturday, May 26, 2007

The 48 Hour Film Project (DC)

(Repost from Myspace)

So once in the fall of 2006, I did an audition for More Bullets Productions for the lead role in this film Dying Wishes. I
didn't get the part not did I hear back from them. Fine, whatever. What I didn't realize is that they actually did like me (they really liked me!) and decided to keep me in mind for a future comedic part. Fast forward to the present and I get an email in mid-April 2007 asking if I'd like to be apart of the 48 Hour Film Project. I'm like what's that. They send me the link. Basically, its a film competition in the DC area where you're given the genre, a character and one prop and 48 hours to complete a 6-7 minute film, get it screened and voted on and a winner is chosen. Well, hells yeah, sign me up. I'm in!

So the Friday beforehand I get my assignment and was shocked to find I was the lead role. I had to get to Manassas, VA at 6am that Saturday but not before I picked out 6 different outfits for the shoot (at 4am no doubt). The film was entitled ("Don't block the cock") The genre was fantasy (which totally threw me off) and the plot went like this: I was to play a mousy, plain jane, office clerk who works for this totally obnoxious adware company rank with bullies, idiots and complete morons. I dream of quitting my job and actually play out fantasies of different ways to do so, hence the fantasy aspect.

There is cowboy western scene, a zombie scene (I didn't get to be a zombie), a film noir/Maltese Falcon scene, a kung fu/street fighter scene (where they badly dubbed our voices) and the blaxploitation scene inspired by my very own Foxy Brown pic from my Myspace profile. And it was on!

I worked my lil booty off all day and night and drove home at 12am fighting sleep, but I'm happy to say, it came out great. And with rave reviews:

From the 48 Hour Film Project blog:

Our main actress, Charlee, was incredibly awesome. She came prepared and ready to roll. She got to the gettin'.

From Matt Patton (producer):

Charlee- We can't thank you enough for coming out to Manassas ass early in the morning from Baltimore and completely nailing every scene on the head. You owned every 'character.'

We had two screenings at the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring and won an audience favorite award. Overall, it was an amazing experience and now I'm itching to do more. Soon as I can get an electronic copy, I'll post it here for everyone to see. To the peeps at Gaucho:

Jon and Dave: Thanks for keeping me in mind when I thought I was completely forgotten about. You guys are so damn funny and a joy to work with! Special thanks for letting me beat everyone's ass on camera as well as not getting jelly in my hair. Jon you were kickass in every role!

Darder-Thanks for the good eats. And the bidet experience, which hopefully you'll never know about.

Rhys- Thanks for adding the 'popups for my popups' That was hot!!

Michael- The most amazingest makeup artist and female with the most male name. You beat me out on that one! Damn!

Matt- Thanks for the DVD copies. You did an excellent job in the packaging and imagine my surprise when I say my name and face all over it. And you were the best awkward office dude ever even thought you edited it out. You rock!

Dorfy-(sorry don't know how to spell it) Special thanks for providing the biggest laughs and letting us all know there's donuts! 13 of them!

And to the rest of the Gaucho/More Bullets/Angry Ogre family, you all were so great to work with. Let's definitely do it again!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Lore of the Internet

Good Lord, what is it about cubicle life that forces you seek constant entertainment and mental escape within the internet? I mean I have a shit load to do today but I'm more into what dozen or so websites I peruse every single day and no matter how much more work they pile on, the internet calls. It speaks to me until its nearing 5pm and I've barely gotten anything substantial done.

And do I care? Seriously? Nope. It'll get done when I get to it.

I just wish I cared more about this stuff. This work that I do. It's not that bad and I have a good position, but damn, is it mind-numbing.

Ok, email and IM is calling me. Here I come, baby!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why I'd Rather Go to Hell

(Repost from Myspace, Feb 2006)

I was talking to a friend a long time ago about this theory I have on Heaven and Hell. Bare with me, cause some of my ideas may be a bit extreme. But I was thinking, what if this whole Heaven vs. Hell theory was really just a big conspiracy perpetrated by the devil himself to weed out all the cool people from the wack ones. Cause the way I look at it, if all the saints, do-gooders, and goody-two-shoes in the world are going to Heaven and all the sinners, killers, fornicators, players and badasses are going to Hell, well then Hell must be where the big party is at.

I mean think about it. What will there be to do in the kingdom of Heaven? Can you drink? Are the movies all PG? Can you even have sex? I'll bet then you'll definitely have to be married. Is there oral sex in Heaven? Hip hop, heavy metal or rump shaker music in Heaven? Kentucky Fried Chicken? Herb? I highly doubt it. What will there be to do besides walk around in all-white robes, plucking harps, drinking apple juice or virgin daiquiris and listening to the Word all day long? That's not exactly what I consider a good time. In fact, that's kinda lame.

Now Hell on the other hand, that's where you can get sex, drugs, porn, alcohol, debauchery, basically if there were an afterlife party, that's where it's gonna be. That is where I can wear my super-mini skirts and do Tequila shots. That is where the good music will be played. They will probably have the best DJ in the world. And that is where all the party people will be at, not in Heaven. If all the things that we really enjoy and that are bad for us, then they won't be allowed in Heaven. And that alone is why I'd rather go where I can be happy. So if I had a choice of where to spend all of eternity, I'd rather be where there is good times with fun and crazy people like myself.

And you know it's gonna be the jump off!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Missing Me? Tell Me!

Ya know, when I'm thinking of someone, particularly when they are special to me, I will find a way to let them know. When I miss them, I tell them and when they mean something to me, I want them to know and hear it from me.

It pisses me off, though, when people can't or fail to show how they feel. Don't make me come to my own conclusions or assumptions because you are too afraid to tell me. Signs maybe too subtle. If you miss me, just tell me? Do you actually think I'll be scared away? Have trouble showing that type of emotion, then don't even mess with a person like me because I am all love and have no problem expressing it. I want to surround myself with others just like me.

Don't make me guess, cause chances are, I'll assume the worse and move on.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Why this blog?

Well after much consideration and I've been giving this some thought for quite awhile, I decided to start my own blog.

Why? Its simple, really, I have too much to say and most days I can barely contain myself. I'm like a pot of water, boiling over, so much in fact, that I am constantly writing or typing something. So here it is.

But be forewarned, this is not going to be one of those blogs where there is a lesson learned or a moral of the story at the end of the day. I am not the girl with the constant smile on her face with something cheerful or positive to say (ha, that rhymes!) There will be good things and bad things, loving things and maybe some hateful things but either way, it will be me, uncut and unedited.

So enjoy!