Monday, May 14, 2007

Missing Me? Tell Me!

Ya know, when I'm thinking of someone, particularly when they are special to me, I will find a way to let them know. When I miss them, I tell them and when they mean something to me, I want them to know and hear it from me.

It pisses me off, though, when people can't or fail to show how they feel. Don't make me come to my own conclusions or assumptions because you are too afraid to tell me. Signs maybe too subtle. If you miss me, just tell me? Do you actually think I'll be scared away? Have trouble showing that type of emotion, then don't even mess with a person like me because I am all love and have no problem expressing it. I want to surround myself with others just like me.

Don't make me guess, cause chances are, I'll assume the worse and move on.

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Anonymous said...

I won't anymore tomorrow!