Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Am Over This Election

I made my decision 4 months ago. I don't want to hear another word about Obama, McCain or Palin (we don't hear about Biden anymore). I am over it.

I'm sick of the ads.

I'm sick of the news coverage.

I'm sick of the debates, discussions, the updates, the mud-slinging.

I am sick of all of it. I just want it to be over.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

My New Blog!

I am SOOOOO excited about my new blog I just created over the past several days since it will be devoted to my biggest passion; music! Posts will cover all things music-related and I think it should be a lot more fun to read. I'll still have this one however, so don't go deleting the link just yet.

So bookmark today! Check it out, read it, comment, e-mail to a friend, subscribe and join in the convo at Music Is My Religion.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shocking Video of the Moment

My cousin just sent this video to me and I was so APPALLED! First I was expecting to see something really status quo like older kids or teens doing something kids do, but this...this is so horrendously sad.

I don't know the real story behind this but I would surely hope someone intervenes here before that little girl ends up knocked up at 12 or 13. AND that little boy grows up with a overtly sexualized view of black girls.

Everything is wrong with this.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Where Were You When...2

...when this song was a major hit on the airwaves:

I can tell you, this song alone played a huge part in awakening me sexually. I heard this and I knew (or thought) I was grown and I was ready. Naturally, I was neither but you couldn't have told my hot butt nothing back in those days.

I was 13, it was 1991 and I thought Bryan Abrams was the FINEST white man I'd ever seen and even girlfriends who didn't even look at white guys then were going DAYYYY-YUMMM!

I got the tape and wore it out thinking about having a man as fine as him. Sadly, Color Me Badd didn't last and last I saw, Bryan aint so fine anymore. Oh well.

That was still my JAM!

Favorite Commercial of the Moment

This is my favorite commercial right now.

I can totally see myself years down the line, toting around a bunch of kids/teenagers and singing along thinking I'm still hip and cool and one my crumb-snatchers letting my ass know, that I'm not.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Chicks I'd Go Lez For

Why not? I have no shame in admitting that there are a couple women out there that make some women go DAYYY-YUMM and question their orientation!

Kim Kardashian
This woman is SICK! Her body is just RIDICULOUS! The hair, the lips, the booty, she is like the definition of stacked in my opinion. Forget doing her. I'd wanna BE her!

Angelina Jolie

Easy answer? Maybe, but you have to admit, she's pretty masculine. She's almost like a man in a crazy-ridic woman's suit. I mean her lips alone are bananas.


Is any comment needed? Really?


Yeah, sorry I haven't blogged in a bit, life just got kinda busy,














and a bit exhausting.

I promise to blog more when I have more than something completely wack to say.