Friday, October 17, 2008

Where Were You When...2

...when this song was a major hit on the airwaves:

I can tell you, this song alone played a huge part in awakening me sexually. I heard this and I knew (or thought) I was grown and I was ready. Naturally, I was neither but you couldn't have told my hot butt nothing back in those days.

I was 13, it was 1991 and I thought Bryan Abrams was the FINEST white man I'd ever seen and even girlfriends who didn't even look at white guys then were going DAYYYY-YUMMM!

I got the tape and wore it out thinking about having a man as fine as him. Sadly, Color Me Badd didn't last and last I saw, Bryan aint so fine anymore. Oh well.

That was still my JAM!


clnmike said...

Lol that was the jam back than, it seems silly now though.

and1grad said... Thats it...I'm dead. You just killed me.

And then the dance moves...I dont know if the crowd knows it...but they just got served.

Dallas Black said...

Wow, you got mad memories. Hey, I am curious about Bmore and not just because of The Wire. Let me know what I am missin.

Dallas Black

The Daily Breather said...

8th grade! This song made the Jr High dances embarrasing for the wallflowers and a laugh fest for us class clowns. I can't stop laughing. Tick tock ya don't stop.

Cat said...

i will forever think of new jack city when i hear this group!

Cat said...

i will forever think of new jack city when i hear this group!

Jill Myers said...

Thanks for posting this...those suits and the dance moves are hilarious! I LOVED this song in 8th grade!