Monday, June 30, 2008

Right to Bear Arms?

After reading this article the other week about the Supreme Court's decision to overthrow DC's ban on handguns in favor of the Second Amendment, it got me thinking, why do we have a right to bear arms; to have guns?

Yeah, the Second Amendment states that we as individuals have a right to have weapons, I'm guessing to "defend" ourselves if need be. But in 2008, with all the gun violence we're accustomed to these days, is an amendment which was drafted in 1791 still applicable today? I mean, let's be real, people of yesteryear weren't always as civilized and forward thinking as we are (should be) today. Lynching used to be legal. I mean the world was a highly different place back then than it is now and I don't really see where this right to bear arms has really, truly benefited us.

And has it? Do guns really protect you from anything? I've always felt it doesn't. Guns, in my opinion serve one purpose and that is to kill. Owning a gun, to me, means you are ready to shoot someone. They don't defend anything, they simple injure and take lives away. Believing this is so, I have to wonder why we would decide that we need this right to being with?

I'm also of the just-cause-it-was-written-centuries-ago-by-presumably-wise-men,-don't-make-the-word-bond-or-absolute-truth mind frame. I mean, people did used to think the earth was flat until it was proven otherwise.

Perhaps, this amendment is a bit archaic. I personally believe that outside of official officers and military NO ONE should be allowed guns.

But We The People say different.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Musical Debut

It was that time again, time for the 48-Hour Film Project in Bmore for 2008 and I jumped at the chance to do it again but imagine my surprise and shock when we drew a musical.

For those not in the know the 48-hour Film Project is a film competition where you have to write, shoot, edit and submit a 7 minute film within 48 hours. You are given the genre, a character a prop and a line and you have to go with it. This is my 3rd one. And once again, lots of fun.

Be gentle, for a chick whose been terrified of singing in public since childhood, this was pretty daring of me but it felt good to push myself to do something I never thought I could do. It was great working with the crew at Garbled Jargon films and it was shot all in ONE take!

And since I think I look like a short Treasure Troll, I won't be watching it again anytime soon. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is Myspace Dead?

Seems like 2-3 years ago Myspace was the fucking spot to be. The highlight of my mundane work day was goofing off on Myspace looking at my friend goofy new pics, leaving random and silly comments on their pages, reading blogs, watching videos, chit-chatting with new peeps and potentials and secretly spying on people.

What happened to that? Oh, that's right, life moved on, things got stale and it fell out of the loop.

Moreover, the Myspace craze died in my eyes. And I'm sure its still alive for some; the teenagers whose lives revolve around their "who's who" social lives, artists, club promoters and those looking to expand their businesses there but for anyone who found it hot a few eyes, it seems the era is over. It just aint the same.

So what happened? My guess: people grew up. While it was really fun to peruse profiles like an online predator, life has gotten more complex and I'm finding my friends, as well as myself have just moved on to bigger endeavors; engagements, marriages, kids, even higher education, serious relationships, travel, pursuits etc. And the antics that used to be so much fun before seem, well, a bit juvenile now. And I also can't forget how extremely sloppy and tacky Myspace eventually got.

Everyday, my inbox was clogged with unsolicited friend requests from people I've never heard of and messages from the nasiest, most repulsive slew of men, not to mention the "please check out my music" artist requests and invites to groups you have no interest in. In became downright annoying and sleazy. Then came Facebook, which opened its doors to post-college folk and offered a simpler, cleaner alternative to social networking and in my mind, Myspace died off.

But I do still have a profile there that I'm not quite ready to delete since it acts as a live scrapbook of fun times gone by. As well as people I used to kinda, sorta know. Fun while it lasted but I'm guessing Myspace will be one another one of those things I'll reminisce with friends about in nostalgic "back in the day" talk.

Talking About People Behind Their Backs

I have a few thoughts on the issue of talking about people behind their backs. I belong and have belonged to several social groups and as usual there are always going to be instances where certain people have gotten together to discuss someone else. And there is always someone concerned that this is wrong or an act of betrayal on the people in discussion.

I truly don't believe it is, nor do I believe there is anything wrong with it and here's why. I have always believed that as people, we all have the right to discuss whatever we want, especially in private company. And that includes other people. The issue comes in, understandably in the hurt feelings that can occur when the person of discussion finds out that they have been talked about. And while those discussions might not always be favorable, people can talk about whatever they want. And it can be about other people and those people do not have to be included on that discussion.

Everybody has thoughts, feelings and attitudes on a subjects and sometimes, its other people. To me, there is no harm in this. The only harm, to me is when the discussion is purposely malicious or when the information, which usually starts out as private gets back to the person in question. Then it is harmful. I feel that the perpetrator here is not the one talking but the one who ran and told the person in question.

That being said, I am a person with many thoughts, feelings and ideas about many things and am not too thrilled to bite my tongue or keep it to myself, so I speak freely. It's never (usually) malicious or hurtful and I keep it private but I feel I am within my rights to do so. And so is everybody else. About me.

Don't want anybody talking about you? Get over it!
Or feel flattered that you're doing something interesting enough to be on someone else's mind and a topic of their conversation.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sex in the City Movie: My Review

Ok, just saw this movie yesterday and I'm coming in late with my thoughts.


First, loved it! Great movie. Got really excited just watching the opening credits. The ladies looked so fabulous and through the whole thing, I just wanted to go shopping so bad. Ok, now to the point: the ending. I didn't find it emotional at all and was kinda surprised that I didn't though everyone else claimed they did. The whole ending with Carrie taking Big back to me was a bit shocking. Shocking because a man that would leave me stranded at the alter, unable to even get out of the car and with no explanation besides "I just can't do this" is a man, I would NEVER SPEAK TO AGAIN! That high level of uncertainly smacks of not loving me enough and I couldn't spend my days feeling secure with that. Even if he got enough balls to try it a 2nd time. I honestly don't envy Carrie and I think she's got a long road with Big/John.

I was also disappointed that in trying to contact Carrie, Big chose to re-type poems from other authors than to express his own feelings. That was lame and wouldn't have garnered much sympathy from me. I mean Carrie is a professional writer, how wack to simply cut-n-paste someone else's words?!I thought Kim Cattrall looked fab at 50 and Cynthia Nixon hot in her nude sex scene. I hope I'm rocking it as well at 40 and 50+. But Sarah J Parker, I'm convinced is starving herself. She is so unnaturally, unflatteringly thin, it concerned me. There were scenes were she lifted up her arm and all you saw was bone with a mere slice of muscle hanging on.

I also applaud this movie for focusing on women 40-50 years old having sex. I think Hollywood tends to shy away from storylines of older women still getting theirs but one completely embraces it. But on the real, watching Kim Cattrall's Samantha, you forget (or not even realize) you're looking at a 50 year old woman.

And I love and support Jennifer Hudson but found her contribution, kinda, uhh, pointless. I mean it felt as though they just really wanted to write a character for her in the movie but there really was no point. It didn't add anything to the movie and she time she spent on screen, I'd rather watch the other 3 main characters. Worse, she ended up getting back with a man that originally told her she wasn't the one. Aren't we forgiving? But that, to me, is unforgivable. Relationship eternally over.

More kudos to the juicy, prominent male nudity of Gilles Marini. Delighted was I by the eye candy and the arousing shot of his hanging manhood (and rock hard ass). I don't care if it were fake or not, its about time we get to see more of men in films. Hell, women have been taking it off for decades. Thank you producers for giving us a nice peek!

Overall, great fun. Now I gotta get shopping!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Hoping I'm still making you proud.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

(Some) Men Are so Damn Oblivious III

Here goes another one.

Last Sept, I had while checking my Model Mayhem, profile, I get a message from a guy in New York. He's a model and we email plesantries back and forth a few time. Now I'm just being polite. My thinking being since he's in NY and its a modeling site, not a dating site, what's the harm.

So he writes me every few weeks telling me about his modeling jobs and asking for updates on mine. Harmless pen-pal-ing to me. I'm cordial to anyone who writes me, really.

Oct 2007 goes by and he continues writing and by Nov, he mentions that he'd love to have dinner with me sometime. Uhh......I guess he doesn't realize I have no intention of coming up to NY nor entertaining him coming to Bmore. I them let him know that I"m not interested and that I just entered a new relationship. His response is cool.

Late Nov. he wishes me a Happy Thanksgiving and asks about the holiday. Xmas, the same, though at this point, I'm surprised he's still writing.

Happy New Year was the next message and an inquiry about whether I was still in my relationship. Going strong was my response, but again, I was growing tired of this banter.

February brought a new message with the apology for not writing as much (huh?) and curiousity on how my weekend went. Now my reponses are now down to a one-line "things are going great!". I'm being nice enough (which isn't usualy for me) but not getting why he's still lingering. Mind you his messages are coming about once a month.

March brough another 'How are you doing?" Email. Too busy to entertain him. Forgot about it.

Then April came and again another email to ask what I'm up to. Now, I'm really stumped. I've stopped responding to his messages (cause I plain ol forgot and aren't on that site much lately), I'm taken, we've never met, he's in New York and my responses are brief and succinct, never asking about him, what does he want exactly? Is he waiting out my relationship, hoping for an in? Holding on to a chance? Really, really into being email pals?
What? What is he holding on to?

I just don't understand. Meanwhile, I'm ducking out and not responding anymore. What's the point?