Tuesday, June 3, 2008

(Some) Men Are so Damn Oblivious III

Here goes another one.

Last Sept, I had while checking my Model Mayhem, profile, I get a message from a guy in New York. He's a model and we email plesantries back and forth a few time. Now I'm just being polite. My thinking being since he's in NY and its a modeling site, not a dating site, what's the harm.

So he writes me every few weeks telling me about his modeling jobs and asking for updates on mine. Harmless pen-pal-ing to me. I'm cordial to anyone who writes me, really.

Oct 2007 goes by and he continues writing and by Nov, he mentions that he'd love to have dinner with me sometime. Uhh......I guess he doesn't realize I have no intention of coming up to NY nor entertaining him coming to Bmore. I them let him know that I"m not interested and that I just entered a new relationship. His response is cool.

Late Nov. he wishes me a Happy Thanksgiving and asks about the holiday. Xmas, the same, though at this point, I'm surprised he's still writing.

Happy New Year was the next message and an inquiry about whether I was still in my relationship. Going strong was my response, but again, I was growing tired of this banter.

February brought a new message with the apology for not writing as much (huh?) and curiousity on how my weekend went. Now my reponses are now down to a one-line "things are going great!". I'm being nice enough (which isn't usualy for me) but not getting why he's still lingering. Mind you his messages are coming about once a month.

March brough another 'How are you doing?" Email. Too busy to entertain him. Forgot about it.

Then April came and again another email to ask what I'm up to. Now, I'm really stumped. I've stopped responding to his messages (cause I plain ol forgot and aren't on that site much lately), I'm taken, we've never met, he's in New York and my responses are brief and succinct, never asking about him, what does he want exactly? Is he waiting out my relationship, hoping for an in? Holding on to a chance? Really, really into being email pals?
What? What is he holding on to?

I just don't understand. Meanwhile, I'm ducking out and not responding anymore. What's the point?


wvmark said...

Well, it's obvious this man has no pride. There's really no point to you responding to him. That would only open up the can of worms this cat's trying to get into. Writing once a month is a minimal time investment. The max ROI on that would be you saying, "omg, I'm so glad you kept writing me b/c I'm free now and want to smoke your pole." But in my view, this choad is completely out of touch with reality.

Cat said...

Or how about the guys who keep texting/calling you and you never respond- get a clue! It kinda freaks me out

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Since I wrote this blogm he's written THREE times, including today.

I have not responded to any of his messages since April.