Thursday, June 26, 2008

Talking About People Behind Their Backs

I have a few thoughts on the issue of talking about people behind their backs. I belong and have belonged to several social groups and as usual there are always going to be instances where certain people have gotten together to discuss someone else. And there is always someone concerned that this is wrong or an act of betrayal on the people in discussion.

I truly don't believe it is, nor do I believe there is anything wrong with it and here's why. I have always believed that as people, we all have the right to discuss whatever we want, especially in private company. And that includes other people. The issue comes in, understandably in the hurt feelings that can occur when the person of discussion finds out that they have been talked about. And while those discussions might not always be favorable, people can talk about whatever they want. And it can be about other people and those people do not have to be included on that discussion.

Everybody has thoughts, feelings and attitudes on a subjects and sometimes, its other people. To me, there is no harm in this. The only harm, to me is when the discussion is purposely malicious or when the information, which usually starts out as private gets back to the person in question. Then it is harmful. I feel that the perpetrator here is not the one talking but the one who ran and told the person in question.

That being said, I am a person with many thoughts, feelings and ideas about many things and am not too thrilled to bite my tongue or keep it to myself, so I speak freely. It's never (usually) malicious or hurtful and I keep it private but I feel I am within my rights to do so. And so is everybody else. About me.

Don't want anybody talking about you? Get over it!
Or feel flattered that you're doing something interesting enough to be on someone else's mind and a topic of their conversation.

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