Monday, June 16, 2008

Sex in the City Movie: My Review

Ok, just saw this movie yesterday and I'm coming in late with my thoughts.


First, loved it! Great movie. Got really excited just watching the opening credits. The ladies looked so fabulous and through the whole thing, I just wanted to go shopping so bad. Ok, now to the point: the ending. I didn't find it emotional at all and was kinda surprised that I didn't though everyone else claimed they did. The whole ending with Carrie taking Big back to me was a bit shocking. Shocking because a man that would leave me stranded at the alter, unable to even get out of the car and with no explanation besides "I just can't do this" is a man, I would NEVER SPEAK TO AGAIN! That high level of uncertainly smacks of not loving me enough and I couldn't spend my days feeling secure with that. Even if he got enough balls to try it a 2nd time. I honestly don't envy Carrie and I think she's got a long road with Big/John.

I was also disappointed that in trying to contact Carrie, Big chose to re-type poems from other authors than to express his own feelings. That was lame and wouldn't have garnered much sympathy from me. I mean Carrie is a professional writer, how wack to simply cut-n-paste someone else's words?!I thought Kim Cattrall looked fab at 50 and Cynthia Nixon hot in her nude sex scene. I hope I'm rocking it as well at 40 and 50+. But Sarah J Parker, I'm convinced is starving herself. She is so unnaturally, unflatteringly thin, it concerned me. There were scenes were she lifted up her arm and all you saw was bone with a mere slice of muscle hanging on.

I also applaud this movie for focusing on women 40-50 years old having sex. I think Hollywood tends to shy away from storylines of older women still getting theirs but one completely embraces it. But on the real, watching Kim Cattrall's Samantha, you forget (or not even realize) you're looking at a 50 year old woman.

And I love and support Jennifer Hudson but found her contribution, kinda, uhh, pointless. I mean it felt as though they just really wanted to write a character for her in the movie but there really was no point. It didn't add anything to the movie and she time she spent on screen, I'd rather watch the other 3 main characters. Worse, she ended up getting back with a man that originally told her she wasn't the one. Aren't we forgiving? But that, to me, is unforgivable. Relationship eternally over.

More kudos to the juicy, prominent male nudity of Gilles Marini. Delighted was I by the eye candy and the arousing shot of his hanging manhood (and rock hard ass). I don't care if it were fake or not, its about time we get to see more of men in films. Hell, women have been taking it off for decades. Thank you producers for giving us a nice peek!

Overall, great fun. Now I gotta get shopping!


Cat said...

I agree with everything you said. Jennifer's character was pointless. I feel (seeing as they are making a second and possibly third sex and the city movie) they could have held off on Carrie and Big getting back together and heck maybe even Miranda and Steve, although I loved their reunion on the bridge, Steve is one emotional guy but I like it!
And who are you telling about wanting to go shopping!

patrick said...

Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing effect on both men and women... people either love the movie or they hate it

Music Snob said...

@ Cat: They are making a 2nd and 3rd? Iz you serious? Well they better get a move on since I would prefer not to see 80 year old women discussing BJs women and knocking boots.

@ GFPH: I love how you don't even mention Charlotte in your review, which makes sense since chick barely had a storyline. Also I totally agree with you regarding the ending between Carrie and Big. Totally ridiculous and (hopefully) totally unrealistic! I mean I could see if this was the first time that Big had acted the fool. However, after 10 years of this bullshit I would hope that it would take a little more than some plagiarised love letters to win a chicks heart back. Anyway, although I enjoyed most of the movie the ending really annoyed me and made it pretty clear that the writer was aiming for an ending that would continue to give single women everywhere hope that a "happily ever after" actually exists, which I guess is fine, however having Carrie get back with Big completely voided the first 3/4 of the movie where Carrie was coming to terms with the possibility that she may never get married and being okay with it. Damn you hollywood endings!