Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is Myspace Dead?

Seems like 2-3 years ago Myspace was the fucking spot to be. The highlight of my mundane work day was goofing off on Myspace looking at my friend goofy new pics, leaving random and silly comments on their pages, reading blogs, watching videos, chit-chatting with new peeps and potentials and secretly spying on people.

What happened to that? Oh, that's right, life moved on, things got stale and it fell out of the loop.

Moreover, the Myspace craze died in my eyes. And I'm sure its still alive for some; the teenagers whose lives revolve around their "who's who" social lives, artists, club promoters and those looking to expand their businesses there but for anyone who found it hot a few eyes, it seems the era is over. It just aint the same.

So what happened? My guess: people grew up. While it was really fun to peruse profiles like an online predator, life has gotten more complex and I'm finding my friends, as well as myself have just moved on to bigger endeavors; engagements, marriages, kids, even higher education, serious relationships, travel, pursuits etc. And the antics that used to be so much fun before seem, well, a bit juvenile now. And I also can't forget how extremely sloppy and tacky Myspace eventually got.

Everyday, my inbox was clogged with unsolicited friend requests from people I've never heard of and messages from the nasiest, most repulsive slew of men, not to mention the "please check out my music" artist requests and invites to groups you have no interest in. In became downright annoying and sleazy. Then came Facebook, which opened its doors to post-college folk and offered a simpler, cleaner alternative to social networking and in my mind, Myspace died off.

But I do still have a profile there that I'm not quite ready to delete since it acts as a live scrapbook of fun times gone by. As well as people I used to kinda, sorta know. Fun while it lasted but I'm guessing Myspace will be one another one of those things I'll reminisce with friends about in nostalgic "back in the day" talk.

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Cat said...

People didn't just grow up the site just has too much competition. We used myspace as a friendship connector now we have face book, as a dating site, now we have ect, and as a place to speak your mind but you can get your own blog now. So it's being buried with all the other sites.