Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kitty Kitchen Makeover

Proof that I'm obsessed with HGTV I felt the need to update my kitties food area from this:

to this:

At least someone around here has some stainless steel. Me? One day.

Happy Birthday Muffin and Pumpkin!

Mama is working

Uhh, Cammie Cams... if you see me at my desk, full of papers and notebooks and pads and writing...

...this is not a good place for you to sit at this time. This means mama is working...

And even if I leave to go to the bathroom, that does not mean I and done what I am doing or that the desk if now free...

...for you to try and take a nap.

If you are that tired, there is a couch and recliner not but 5 feet away. Muffin, can further direct you.

I appreciate your assistance in getting off my desk.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Things I'm Hooked on at the Moment

Coffee-flavored alcoholic drinks
Ever since I've had my first taste of Van Gogh vodka, I have been hooked. I mean hooked. Being a coffee person, I have a hard time enjoying many of mixed drinks and these have been my staple lately. Mix a with a lil milk or Baileys and I'm a happy ass girl!

Jon & Kate Plus 8
Don't know what it is about this lil show but if its on, I park myself right where I am (which is usually in bed) and get comfy. Maybe cause I'm looking at family life as my next life step and am curious how to manage parenthood, marriage and running a household? Maybe its cause those kids are so darned cute or maybe cause its simple, doesn't require much thinking or stimulation and that's what I prefer right before bed. Either way, love them!

I confess, I'm obsessed. I cannot stop watching HGTV and all their design, flipping houses , selling houses and everything houses shows. Probably cause I"m seriously considering buying my own next year and I'm just itching to do some major decorating and making a place mine but I'm hooked on all these shows.

Yeah, I'm late. But since Myspace fell off, I started going there and find the interface and applications helpful in knowing what the hell is going on with everybody else. Who needs to call people anymore, I can read their update, visit their page, check out the new photo album and get news feeds on what comments were said. It's like a regular newscast of what's going on. Brilliant.

Hotmail is so played. I can't sit at my computer now without having my Gmail acount open. There is just something glorious about an email system where new emails pop out without refreshing or logging into a messagine system like AOL or Trillian. Oh the joys of seeing Gmail Inbox (1), or (3) or (10). I'm on it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jennifer Aniston: It's Gotta Suck

I have mentioned this to friends before but whenever I see glowing pics of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie cuddling their precious newborns or globetrotting through Africa and France with a slew of adorable multi-racial kids, or just walking hand in hand, suited up for a movie premiere, I can't help but to think, its got the suck for Jennifer Aniston.

Let's see

1) She had Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood's hottest leading actors (and hot asses for awhile, stole my heart in Thelma & Louise).

2) Then lost him either due to Angelina (the hottest chick on earth and on my would-go-lez-for list) OR due to the fact that she either couldn't or wouldn't start a family with him.

3) Another reason she may has lost Brad was due to her wanting to further her movie career, which for me, has been dismal at best. I can't really name one movie she's done that was worth giving priority to over birthing Brad Pitt's babies.

4) Then of course, now pushing 40 hard (or there, I'm not sure) and she doesn't seem to be able to find a suitable new guy in her life ie. breakups with Vince Vaughn and now John Mayer. How the hell does John Mayer dump Jennifer Aniston? How does that happen??

5) Also, if she wanted to put career over family, it must be a huge slap in the face to see Angelina not only birth and adopt babies everywhere but still drop movies on the regular. In fact, I just read that after dropping the twins, she's slated to replace Tom Cruise in an upcoming feature. Her career apparently hasn't suffered much.

6) And finally, it has got to put knots in her stomach to see their happy faces splashed over the covers of every magazine together, sharing a spot where she and Brad used to share.

So I feel for Jennifer Aniston. I really do.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I will no longer complain about my breasts again...

...after hearing the news of Christina Applegate's breast cancer diagnosis and then hearing that she just had a double mastectomy. Because cancer does not seem to discriminate at all and I know of my own personal cancer risks.

So no more. I'm going to be thankful for the healthy, vital breasts that I have and hope that I may continue to always have them.

Sometimes you just need a wake-up call to bring you back to perspective.
Long live my big 'ol breastisis!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dear Towson University...

I know its been awhile since we've spoken and I haven't exactly been keeping in contact and all but there is really good reason: I need to end this relationship.

See, its been 7 years now. I got what I wanted: a degree. And you got what you wanted; my tuition dollars. How about we end this charade you call "alumni relations" and face my reality: I really have any use for you anymore. I've moved on. I actually went on to grad school so your not even the last school I've attended.

While I realize that alumni donations funds yada, yada, yada, truth is I need my hard-earned funds more than I need to give it to you. As of yet, I still do not have a state-of-the-art, well ANYTHING, a swimming pool, stadium, parking garages or a weekly newspaper (which is why I blog for free). So you see, I just can't and really have no desire to give anymore. And those alumni functions you have, really serve no benefit for me.

It's over. I'm sure you'll understand.

Best of luck,


(proud graduate of the class of 2001)