Friday, August 22, 2008

Things I'm Hooked on at the Moment

Coffee-flavored alcoholic drinks
Ever since I've had my first taste of Van Gogh vodka, I have been hooked. I mean hooked. Being a coffee person, I have a hard time enjoying many of mixed drinks and these have been my staple lately. Mix a with a lil milk or Baileys and I'm a happy ass girl!

Jon & Kate Plus 8
Don't know what it is about this lil show but if its on, I park myself right where I am (which is usually in bed) and get comfy. Maybe cause I'm looking at family life as my next life step and am curious how to manage parenthood, marriage and running a household? Maybe its cause those kids are so darned cute or maybe cause its simple, doesn't require much thinking or stimulation and that's what I prefer right before bed. Either way, love them!

I confess, I'm obsessed. I cannot stop watching HGTV and all their design, flipping houses , selling houses and everything houses shows. Probably cause I"m seriously considering buying my own next year and I'm just itching to do some major decorating and making a place mine but I'm hooked on all these shows.

Yeah, I'm late. But since Myspace fell off, I started going there and find the interface and applications helpful in knowing what the hell is going on with everybody else. Who needs to call people anymore, I can read their update, visit their page, check out the new photo album and get news feeds on what comments were said. It's like a regular newscast of what's going on. Brilliant.

Hotmail is so played. I can't sit at my computer now without having my Gmail acount open. There is just something glorious about an email system where new emails pop out without refreshing or logging into a messagine system like AOL or Trillian. Oh the joys of seeing Gmail Inbox (1), or (3) or (10). I'm on it!


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I don't like coffee or alcohol so it doesn't sound appealling to me.

Jon&Kate plus 8 works my nerves. Only one I feel somewhat sorry for is Jon. Kate bullies him and I just don't like her. The kids whine all the time.

HGTV I do love. And owning my home has been a blessing and a chore. But, so much more a blessing.

I have a facebook and myspace account. I rarely check my facebook. Myspace I just stop by to tell a few friends hi. I have to give facebook another look.

I have to many email accounts and yesterday I checked my msn account I hadn't seen in 4 months. 360 messages. WTH!!

Nice to meet you and I will be around.

Anonymous said...

First let me thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments for my 'Old School Friday' selection. Now...on to the matter at hand.

I like coffee, but I am not too much of a alcohol drinker, so I am just thinking the combination is not all that appetizing, but if you like it, then that is all that counts right.

I do not watch this "Jon and Kate" show, but I seen it bits and pieces of it and I am not really interested in tuning in to a full episode, but surprisingly I am feelin' "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" (I know...don't ask because I couldn't tell you why I like this show).

As an architectural professional, HGTV has been one of my favorite stations since like the mid-90's.

I still haven't gotten onto the Facebook wagon yet, but I keep hearing a lot of good things about it, so I may have to buckle down and get me a profile on there (BTW, I requested you as a friend on MySpace...LOL).

I HATE Hotmail-it is so lame! I have one account with Hotmail which I have had since year 2000, but I have seriously been thinking about closing it and bringing everything on over to Yahoo! (I love Yahoo! BETA mail) or perhaps GMail per your recommendation.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

and1grad said...

I dig this post. But I want you to add one more thing...Blogspot. We should be seeing more of you on here, especially as my certified Blogspot Advisor in Chief. I'm kinda feelin you on the gmail & facebook. That what I'm doing now on facebook thing seems to be taunting me sometimes tho. "What are you doing now?" "What are you doing now?" "What are you doing now?" "What are you doing now?" bout, I'm not doing a goddamn thing! Thanks for reminding me! ;-p

Erika 2004 said...

Coffee-flavored alcoholic drinks: I have been tempted to try Van Gogh for the longest, however, in an attempt to lower my consumption of both, I suppose I will never try it. I may never get on the wagon again!!!

Jon & Kate Plus 8: I think you are aware on my hatred of this show. I just don't get it. Be prepared to have many a visitor, because apparently, I am in a incredibly minority of people who do NOT watch this show, and people seem to search for info on the show all the time.

HGTV: Although I don't watch it as much as I used to, this was required TV viewing on Saturday morning in my household for a few years. I was as bad as a kid watching the Saturday morning cartoons.

Facebook: Initially got on board for a project, haven't turned back since.

Gmail: I have a Gmail account, but I don't use it as much, but I do like it. I have too many email account as it is. I have the account more for the other services that Google provides.

Eb the Celeb said...

Facebook owned application is going to be the death of me!

The Daily Breather said...

Man! i just got a new computer and space age camera. With the Google Picasa (shameless plug) I can send a photo from my camera right into the Blogger.
Google is doing everything right in my opinion. And Gmail is THE best email platform because everyting plugs into Google.
Other than the fact that coffee flavored booze and drinks are next to godliness that's all I have today.