Monday, August 4, 2008

Dear Towson University...

I know its been awhile since we've spoken and I haven't exactly been keeping in contact and all but there is really good reason: I need to end this relationship.

See, its been 7 years now. I got what I wanted: a degree. And you got what you wanted; my tuition dollars. How about we end this charade you call "alumni relations" and face my reality: I really have any use for you anymore. I've moved on. I actually went on to grad school so your not even the last school I've attended.

While I realize that alumni donations funds yada, yada, yada, truth is I need my hard-earned funds more than I need to give it to you. As of yet, I still do not have a state-of-the-art, well ANYTHING, a swimming pool, stadium, parking garages or a weekly newspaper (which is why I blog for free). So you see, I just can't and really have no desire to give anymore. And those alumni functions you have, really serve no benefit for me.

It's over. I'm sure you'll understand.

Best of luck,


(proud graduate of the class of 2001)


Cat said...

Loyola and UM Law school keep begging me for money. My logic- I'm still paying for you guys- so there's my money. Perhaps, maybe, when I'm done paying back my loans in the year 2098! I'll start contributing!

Not Your Average Male said...

Yeah... Temple seems to want my money, but I guess they don't realize that I owe child support to Visa.