Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jennifer Aniston: It's Gotta Suck

I have mentioned this to friends before but whenever I see glowing pics of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie cuddling their precious newborns or globetrotting through Africa and France with a slew of adorable multi-racial kids, or just walking hand in hand, suited up for a movie premiere, I can't help but to think, its got the suck for Jennifer Aniston.

Let's see

1) She had Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood's hottest leading actors (and hot asses for awhile, stole my heart in Thelma & Louise).

2) Then lost him either due to Angelina (the hottest chick on earth and on my would-go-lez-for list) OR due to the fact that she either couldn't or wouldn't start a family with him.

3) Another reason she may has lost Brad was due to her wanting to further her movie career, which for me, has been dismal at best. I can't really name one movie she's done that was worth giving priority to over birthing Brad Pitt's babies.

4) Then of course, now pushing 40 hard (or there, I'm not sure) and she doesn't seem to be able to find a suitable new guy in her life ie. breakups with Vince Vaughn and now John Mayer. How the hell does John Mayer dump Jennifer Aniston? How does that happen??

5) Also, if she wanted to put career over family, it must be a huge slap in the face to see Angelina not only birth and adopt babies everywhere but still drop movies on the regular. In fact, I just read that after dropping the twins, she's slated to replace Tom Cruise in an upcoming feature. Her career apparently hasn't suffered much.

6) And finally, it has got to put knots in her stomach to see their happy faces splashed over the covers of every magazine together, sharing a spot where she and Brad used to share.

So I feel for Jennifer Aniston. I really do.


and1grad said...

Wow! I never thought about that but something like that must be leading her to the bottle by now b/c Jolie is CRUSHING her in like EVERY category. That whole Vince Vaughn thing made me suspicious. Jolie, Pitt, & Vaughn were all in that Mr & Mrs Smith movie, which I think is when Pitt & Aniston broke up. Then Vaughn & Aniston are making a movie together and then hook up? A little coincidental, IMO.

Cat said...

I've been feeling for her. I hope she finds someone just as much as I hope to find someone!