Wednesday, May 28, 2008

30 and Holding Up Well?

It's always flattering to me when someone thinks I'm much younger than I am. I had a college kid try and hit on me at a Target the other week and his come on line was asking what school I go to and what was my major. Cute! Even better was the look of complete shock that appeared on his face when I told him I'd finished my undergrad in 2001.

And I love pulling out my ID when asked (cause they should, right I could be 19 for all they know) and having a few do a double take to make sure its me.

But there have been a few times lately when I've told people my age and more than being shocked, they were completely stupefied.

Wow! You look sooo good! You don't look at all 30! You look really good!

Now most times its very flattering but a few times I began to wonder, how bad should I look for 30? Should I be wrinkled? Overweight? Gray hairs? Boobs sitting on my stomach? Wearing "Mom" jeans? I mean really, do people not expect 30 to look like me? And why not? If I was hot at 28 and 29, why would I suddenly fall downhill a year later?

Made me think I guess I'm doing a good job preserving myself. Perhaps I should invest in a barrel of formaldehyde to continue giving my skin that lively look!

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Jill said...

Ha...30 is the new 20, right? I was at a block party on Sunday by my parents' house and this 60-something neighbor came over to point out that the Mike's Lemonade I was drinking was know, in case I didn't know...being underaged and all. = )