Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Google Analytics Reveals All

Ya know for a chick that hasn't had a blog post in over a month, traffic to this blog didn't seem to cease much during my absence.

According to Google Analytics, my tracking system, this blog has had 496 visits between April 5 and May 6 with 624 individual blog views. 36% of views are coming directly to my address, while another 30% are stumbling on from a Google search.

And while the vast majority of hits are coming from the States, I'm also getting hits from France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Canada, Austria, Bahrain, Sweden, Brazil and Singapore.

Keywords used in Google searches to find my page have included:

black men lose weight beer butt thighs.
lil redbone boob
asian pubes low rise
baltimore ugliest
blogspot sluts
actress charlee
baltimore parking fine payment
black woman copulating
ass whooping
beer in a thermos
candi big boobs

And the most hit blogs over the past month are:
  1. Three Ways to Get A Husband
  2. Too Old for Low Rise Jeans?
  3. What Constitutes a Slut?
  4. Can't a Skinny Girl Decide to Lose Weight?
  5. At Eastern Motors, your job's your credit...

Who are you people?????
Come out! Come out wherever you are! And thanks for reading my humble lil ol' blog. Maybe I'll try and post some more.


michelle said...

I get very similar referrals, Charlee!! It's kind of scary to find out the type of people who read your blog and what exactly did they come looking for? And did I disappoint? hahaha

meatwad said...

"black woman copulating"

I would love to take credit for that one, but I can't. Actually, I might anyway.