Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random Ponderings in May

So sorry I’ve left everyone waiting around with baited breath. I’m sure some of you have been just pulling your hair out and losing sleep waiting for a new post from me ;). I haven’t given up on my lil blog, just been busy with life changes, like mainly a new job, which I’ll get into more on another post.

Things have been good and while I wish I had something more concrete, I’ve only had a few things really running through my mind that I can share at the moment.

Rising Gas Prices-Ok, so I think we get it. Gas prices are really high. Really, really high. I mean the highest its ever been before and its only going to break the record it broke this morning, tomorrow morning. It’s going to hit $4 by summer. It’s really, really bad. Thank you newscaster people. I get it. Now can I hear something else on the news every single day. And while I’m bitching about the news, someone is shot or assaulted in Baltimore every single day *. Can we move on???? Need we hear the same ‘ol report every day?

* Slight exaggeration.

Presidential Elections-Anybody still care about this? Um, when is this over? Cause everyday with Obama and Clinton. Geez, I’m over it. Elections are going on. Someone will get in. One of those schmoes will be our next Pres. Bush will be out, everything will be wonderful. Do we really need a play-by-play, everysingleday on the what’s and who’s and where’s and when’s of this goddamn, dragged out election. Fuck! How about a quarterly report? Better yet holla at me in September.

Papal Visit-Why is it when the Pope visits they call it the Papal visit. Why isn’t it call a Popal visit?

Also, sorry to all my fellow bloggers who haven’t heard from me. It’s not that I don’t have love anymore, its that my new job have blocked Blogspot! :( I’ll try and catch up soon as I can.

And BIG UPPS to my Cuz from CT for reading my blog. Love ya! And much love to the little ones!

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