Thursday, April 3, 2008

At Eastern Motors...your job's your credit...

So how sad is it that when those stupid ghetto-tastic Eastern Motors commercials come on (in the VA/DC/MD area that is), I not only know all the words, but automatically start bopping my head to the strong rhythm like that is my jam? Like its a sho-nuff hit song you'd hear on the Top 10?

And I know I'm not the only one!
That daggone commercial and jingle has been running for more than 5 years and it still sticks to this day. I don't know anyone whose every bought a car from there (I wouldn't) but damn, who doesn't know the jingle and infectious beat. Last night I was preparing for bed when the commercial came on and I found myself falling into full-on song and dance:

At Eastern Motors...your job's your credit,
at Eastern Motors (motors) your job's your credit.
Ford, Hyundai, Chevy, Beamers and minivans, over 600 cars,
trucks, SUVs are you listening man? Let Eastern Motors put you in a car
today. Let Eastern Motors finance it all the way.

All I can say is they got my ass. I will probably never forget that song for as long as I live.

For those outside of the area, here's the ad in question:


Cat said...

That beat isn't even theres! It comes from a Shaggy song, I think called Hey Sexy Lady. Don't believe the hype!

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Cat- Well I never gave them credit for original composition just saying its damn catchy, like a virus and I know I'm not the only one who has it.

From a marketing standpoint, its not a bad idea though I'm not sure how its improved their image or sales.

I just know we're ALL aware of them in this area and how apparently our job's our credit!

kayellejaye said...

You ain't never lied! They get me EVERYTIME this song comes on. Radio, tv, whatever.

I actually know a couple of people who bought cars from them. I couldn't do it.

DANJSG1FAN said...

I'm from B-more, and I understand where you are coming from. That song is addictive, also the Scott Danihoo(I don't know how to spell his last name)tv spots.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

I was next to this guy at a light yesterday and he has a small Eastern Motors sticker on his driver's side window. Suddenly I heard the horns playing and the song IMMEDIATELY popped into my head. Proof positive that we are all being hypnotized. If you hear the song from now on turn it off immediately.

Not Your Average Male said...

I hate that song, but it's not worse than those GEBCO commercials (especially the ones where Jonathan Ogden dances).

Awful songs, awful commercials. If I still lived in MD, I'd avoid both dealerships like the plague -- just because their "adverts" are so offensively terrible.

Erika 2004 said...

Damn, now that shit is playing in my head. MAKE IT STOP, MAKE IT STOP!!!

Celular said...

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Special K said...

I am sooo happy I ran into your blog, that's like my FAVORITE commercial. Funny thing is, I'm from Ga. and didn't know it was that old, I'm happy you posted the words (ok, I'm LAME). Anyways, have you heard the one for "I believe I can drive"?

Enough of that... cute blog check me out sometimes!!!