Tuesday, March 18, 2008

That's Wack, Mr. Beemer Man

Ok, I gotta another beef (what's new, right?)

I live in an apartment complex that pretty much caters to low-income families; its mainly Russian and Mexican immigrants with a mixed of a few black folks. Well some mofo (who happens to be black but I'm not going to focus on that at this time), has decided to buy himself a 5-Series BMW, that he proudly keeps gleaming clean and sparkling new. My issue? Why, if you can afford a 5-Series BMW (which looks to be at least the 2007 model) are you living here, with low-income families (and me)?

I don't understand it. If you can put out the money for a car like that, with shiny ridiculous rims, you'd think, you could afford a better place to live, like, um, I don't know, owning your own home. I'm going to assume that this man is trying to impress us (and everyone else) with his shiny vehicle by attempting to buy his status. But mofo, how much status are you gonna have driving that $44,000+ car to this little apartment complex?

I'd think that that money could be better spent investing in something. Like something that could appreciate in value over time, instead of depreciate. I could never quite grasp the idea of throwing large sums of money into a luxury car and then living in low-income housing. I mean his car note is not far behind his rent payment. But I guess that is a classic example of people who plan for the weekend, as opposed to people who plan for the next generation.

But you know what, ya'll, I don't know this man or his situation. It could be that he's actually living here cause he bought this car and couldn't afford to live anywhere else. Or maybe his wife put him out. Or maybe he lost his job and had to downgrade his place. I don't know. Its just something I notice some guys do and it plucks my nerves.

Meanwhile, he could get up out my parking spot.


Chris said...

He probably also has a $3000 plasma TV and and HD Satellite TV service.

I love driving by section 8 housing and seeing satellite dishes out on the balconies. The kids are wearing second hand clothes, but damned if they can't watch American Idol in HD.

Spinning rims have surpassed high school graduation as a priority for most American Youths.

Cat said...

Well put "living for the weekend instead of the next generation". That's a major problem. I guy who owns his own home but drives a hoopty (provided it's safe) gets major points over a BMW driver who lives in a tent and ends up hanging over my house all the time b/c his tent is broke and there's no heat! How you doin? (Yes I did quote from Norbert, its that kind of day!)

Erika 2004 said...

Things are way too easy to buy these days. No one really thinks about the overall price tag of a car. They are usually more concerned with the monthly payment. And what about the insurance? I can't understand a monthly car payment that is more than my monthly rent.

AmyF said...

Ha that sounds like where I live! I don't begrudge any low-income family a cable or satellite service - sometimes people need those luxuries to escape from the day-to-day suckiness of poverty. And you are right... you don't know this guy's story with this car. Even so, it's curiously excessive and out of place. Strange. If he's not playing loud music out of the trunk that rattles your windows, you're lucky.