Monday, March 3, 2008

Dear Spammers...

I can always count on it. Every freaking day I could put money on the certainty that I will get some spam, worrying about whether I'm happy with my erections, claiming that I can "go longer", make my woman scream and beg for more or offering me a bigger, harder or better erections and 'go all night'.

So lets clear this up right now for the spammers out there:

No, I'm actually very happy with my erections!

No, I'm not at all worried about my size

No, I have no trouble going as long as I want to

And for the record, consider me well hung like a Zulu, South African horse on Viagra!

Thank you very much and I'd appreciate being taken off your small penis/weak erection/minute-man mailing list.

Hanging very low and swinging,

The Girl From Park Heights


Cat said...

"Zulu South African horse on Viagra"- Wow

James Tubman said...

don't be so mean to the minutemen

they have feelings too

i wish i could stay away from your blog because you are so sensitive about my comments

probably because you are attractive you aren't used to people telling it like it is to you

but if it's just you that sees this comment than i just wanted you to know that i thought this was funny

and i'll try to stay away lol

michelle said...

HAHAHAHAH, I love it! I get those emails all the time too! What makes them think I'm not happy with what I'm packin?

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

Dear The Girl From Park Heights,

We apologize for any inconvenience that our constant bludgeoning of your inbox has caused you. We will take note of your African steed-like endowment and remove your from our list.

We are aware that many of our recipients claim they are more than happy with their length, size, girth, smell, taste, and endurance. However, we are also aware that they are all lying.

We send out so many emails because we ourselves are hung like used dental floss and we refuse to believe that we are the only ones.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or embarassment we may have caused you. We look forward to speaking with you when you come to your senses.

Little-Dicked Spammers

Not Your Average Male said...