Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Country For This City Girl

Lat summer I went to Ocean City with a good friend of mine and one evening, we visited a friend of hers who had a house in a part of town called Easton. Picture big, wide, open spaces, rolling acres of grass and land and houses so far apart, you could park a whole 'nother town in it between them. Well, we cooked out, which was nice but as the sun went down, I became increasingly uncomfortable and seriously wanted to head back. My friend, however, was loving the countryside and I was horrified when she said she could live out there. I was antsy to leave. Something about the wide open spaces really freaked me out.

In fact, anytime I get away from the city where the land is more open and spacious, and see rolling plains of grass, I feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

Well I finally remembered why. Playing around on You Tube, I found this TV intro:

No wonder, I've been so creeped out! I've had this implanted in my brain all this time. As a young child, this intro creeped me out so much I NEVER watched the show and turned it off soon as this came on. I think I subconsciously filed this in my little brain and that became my association with the countryside. Still creeps me out. In fact, I just watched that and I'm a bit unnerved right now.

Damn TV shows. Oh well, guess I'll stick to the good ol' familiar city atmosphere: riff raff, traffic, profanity, urban decay, anonymous mugs walking down the street...ahhh, that's home.


The Diva's Thoughts said...


I can't view the video so I am not sure which TV show you are referencing.

Cat said...

That show used to scare the sh@# out of me but darn if I didn't always watch it. I tell you, it may have made you afraid to go to the country side but i have a fear of leaving my leg or arm hanging off my bed at night (there was this episode...).

wv said...

Hey blog lady,

Which is scarier, that YouTube video or the 2007 Bmore homicides map? I’m still wavering myself.

Lord Beefncheese said...

Haha. I guess I won't be expecting a visit any time soon then.


Your Cousin from CT said...

I know the real reason you were eerie in that country setting. I got 3 examples from when we were children:
The time we were in the woods, you mistakingly picked up that rock in the stream.
The other time when we were riding bikes and you got lost.
And, remember that hole in the backyard?

You were traumatized, not by the tv show, but from real life. LOL!

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Very good point, Cuz. I'm scared of Connecticut too!