Monday, October 6, 2008

Chicks I'd Go Lez For

Why not? I have no shame in admitting that there are a couple women out there that make some women go DAYYY-YUMM and question their orientation!

Kim Kardashian
This woman is SICK! Her body is just RIDICULOUS! The hair, the lips, the booty, she is like the definition of stacked in my opinion. Forget doing her. I'd wanna BE her!

Angelina Jolie

Easy answer? Maybe, but you have to admit, she's pretty masculine. She's almost like a man in a crazy-ridic woman's suit. I mean her lips alone are bananas.


Is any comment needed? Really?


Music Snob said...

You forgot to mention Sarah Palin. :)

Sherria said...

Hey....I have to add to the list:

1) Nia Long
2) Melinda Williams

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Sherria- Oooh girl, you just made me remember Megan Good and Kerry Washington.

Erika 2004 said...

I know this may sound crazy, but I have to disagree with Beyonce. She definitely has the body, no doubt. But I don't know, there is a touch of a facade to her that turns me off.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

Did someone say Kerry Washington?

and1grad said...

I think I'm with erika. Bouncey doesnt do it for me. Kardashian tho? My GOODNESS.

Whenever I look at Megan Goode, I think of Eve's Bayou and how I thought when I first saw her, "I sure hope that little girl grows into them lips." Good for her that she did.

Eb the Celeb said...

I'd go for Nia Long... that's probably the only chick that could make me go lez.. maybe even Jada too... it have to be a chick that isn't prissy and ish... that's crazy and fun and ish like me... these chicks you picked I know I would have to slap they ass after about 5min... I would have to be with a laidback chill glamourous type of

Not Your Average Male said...

I'd do all of the above.


Thank you.