Friday, May 18, 2007

The Lore of the Internet

Good Lord, what is it about cubicle life that forces you seek constant entertainment and mental escape within the internet? I mean I have a shit load to do today but I'm more into what dozen or so websites I peruse every single day and no matter how much more work they pile on, the internet calls. It speaks to me until its nearing 5pm and I've barely gotten anything substantial done.

And do I care? Seriously? Nope. It'll get done when I get to it.

I just wish I cared more about this stuff. This work that I do. It's not that bad and I have a good position, but damn, is it mind-numbing.

Ok, email and IM is calling me. Here I come, baby!

1 comment:

Rashard G. said...

Yeah, I'm taking the time to peruse the archives now. I LOVE the pick on this blog, although it's creepy as all hell.