Friday, November 2, 2007

Kickball Conclusion

So it was a really fun season of playing kickball. WE held our owner on a complete losing streak and went out with a big bang (we dressed up in leftover Halloween costumes and partied like rockstars). The team was fun, I learned where my strengths are (running and kicking, NOT catching) and the post-game partying was on point.

Had my fun!


Rashard G. said...

There's a kickball league??!! Why was I not informed? Kickball is about as throwback as you can get when it comes to games. That and putting your feet in to choose who's it.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Kickball League of Baltimore. There's also the BSSC: Baltimore Sports and Social Club. Check it out. I may play another league in the winter. Maybe.

Abe said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa... KICKBALL?!?!? That may be the single most awesome thing I've heard in 2007. Seriously. Even better than hearing "You're hired" and discovering that Sour Nerds exist.

You just broke my cool-o-meter. Bless your heart. Let me know when dodgeball starts up - I'll have to start making more trips back to MD.