Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Man, That's an Ass Whopping Right There.

So apparently, the wildfire started last month that affected Los Angeles county, San Diego, and San Bernardino, destroyed 38,000 acres of land, 21 homes, 42 structures and killed 14 people, might have been started by a 10 year old boy.

Now if that doesn't call for a swift ass whooping,

then I don't know what would.

Someone needs to whoop that ass, as my girl Sunny would say, down to the white meat!

And that's all I gotta say!


abe said...

He should get beaten like the Ravens did last Sunday.

Okay, that was wrong... but they got embarassed. I'm almost ashamed to have grown up in MD -- and I didn't live less than 45 minutes from B-more.

Anyway, you're right -- I hope somebody beats him so badly that they alter his DNA.

Rashard G. said...

Yeah, and word on the street is that there's not even going to CHARGE this lil bastard. If this kid was black they would...naw I"m just kidding. Seriously though, if I mistakenly kill someone with my car I run the risk of a manslaughter charge. This kid is at home playing PlayStation while many people are now homeless. It's not irony, it's not injustice, it's just plain ole' fucked-up.