Wednesday, November 14, 2007

E Major's Nuthin'Nice/You Know That Video

Doing another favor for a friend, I got asked to play an extra in my friend E Major's video Nuthin' Nice. So on time I was and on the set two weeks ago to play an exta, which then turned into Girl#4, or a role I like to call 'Pissed Off Stripper". The premise is he's interviewing girls for a job and I guess I was suppose to be some sort of reformed stripper (with a visual resume in hand) trying to make anew. The backstory I created was that I had two kids to feed and was trying to make a new start on the straight and narrow but apparently I was disqualified for the position due to my unseemly past.

Damn, ever since that Verbatim video I've been typecast like a mofo! Nevertheless, the video is mad tight.
Big ups to the director Hilton Carter and the Undersound Crew. Ya'll are doing it!


Music Snob said...

Nice cameo!

I think I used to go to school with the girl at min 1. But of course I don't really know her since you know, I don't socialize and stuff. :)

Don said...

Hey Girl,

First off, thanks for the visit to the blog. I appreciate it.

You have a nice set up here. Plus you are intelligent and quite the look - I can dig it.

I browsed over your MySpace joint, and although I have seen only maybe 15 or 20 MySpace pages in my life, yours is the best yet.

Also, love the Apollo pics.

You're that package men speak of.

Anonymous said...

Damn girl, you all up in e'erbody video these day. LOL.

Do yo' thang. When is your video coming up? can I be a reformed stipper in yours?