Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stop Embarassing Yourself Tiffany!

Ya know, I am not a fan of breast implants at all but what is worst to me, is when an already well-endowed person, then decides to blow themselves up even more, I guess in a sadder attempt to conform to grotesque Hollywood standards. Ladies and gentleman, I'm talking about Tiffany Pollard, aka New York of VH1 fame. I just happened to be flicking channels (cause I can't stand her new show and refuse to watch it) and the first thing that stood out (aside from her usual garish overdone makeup and bigger-than-life weaves) are her newly enlarged breasts, plumped so freaking high in the air, they are nearly slapping her in the face. They actually only sit inches away from her chin.

Yo, Tiffany, you look RI-DIC-U-LOUS!

Stop embarassing yourself!
You will never have a serious acting career by bimboing yourself out like some cracked-out, version of Pam Anderson. And stop doing these I Love New York shows. If it has taken 3 shows to help you find a man, obviously, its not helping you or your career. You are making a fool of yourself!


Music Snob said...

Girrrrrrrl, you stole the words right from my lips. New York is a HOT ASS MESS!!!!! And her entire show is straight up foolywang!!!!!!

I am ashamed to say that I have seen episodes from both seasons and there are a few dudes on there, like Pretty, yes I do in fact know a few of their names, who is a hella fine law student and all I can think is, IZ YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! You are competing to date NY? Damn shame! Homegirl really should have stuck with the mess that was Chance from season 1 or perhaps Tailor Made from this season so he can pay for the repairs when one of her breasts inevitably pops.


Cat said...

So true. I catch the show every now and then and her boobs are really her costar.Pretty recently left the show and commented on the ridiculousness of her boobs (although, sorry music snob, i think he might be gay, although yes he is fine). I don't get what she's trying to do with the boob bit but if it's looking like a live blow up doll or a prostitute clown, then she got it down pact. along with the ten ton set of eyelashes that make her look like that muppet character janis.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

LOL, Cat,
Check this out:


Erika 2004 said...

Mercy! WTF?!? I think one of the suitors on the show even made a comment about the size of her breasts and she was insulted that someone could think her breasts wasn't real. Anybody, even a blind man could see that those things aren't real. And Cat, I'm going have to agree with you on Pretty's sexuality. He just looks like some dude's bitch, I'm sorry.

I want someone to stick a pin in those fake ass breasts!!! The size of those breasts are wrong on so many levels. Then again, maybe she is getting ready for her first porn role.

I'm too through.

Skinny Black Chick said...


That heffa knows EXACTLY what she's doing: exploiting the hell out of her 15 minutes. And that is precisely what the men on her show are doing. I try not to knock anyone's hustle, but when your hustle is self-degradation, I can't respect you.

Rashard G. said...

Two things:
1.As a straight man I cannot say that I'm not fond of large breasts. However, there's a little word I like to call "proportion". NO ONE'S breasts should be larger than their head. Period. I'm not aroused, I'm afraid.
2.Congratulations, you've just made a verb out of the word "bimbo". Some nouns just translate to verbs to well, don't they?

sL said...

man.. look at all of you ganging up on New York. Just think, when the polar ice-caps melt and new york city (or wherever you live) is flooded, you will be begging to hold onto her as she floats by. She is just thinking ahead and making sure she always has her life-preservers handy

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Laughingmyassoffinmycubicle, SL!!

Music Snob said...

sL is just upset that he never made it past the season 2 auditions. :)

In any case, based on the above comments I took to the net to do a lil background check regarding what I already suspected about Pretty. I absolutely looooove how inaccurate this "spoiler" is.


Anyway, just like I am holding on to the dream that John Legend isn't gay, I'm holding out for Pretty. :)

Abe said...

1) They aren't nearly slapping her in the face -- I actually saw one of them split her lip for speaking out of turn

2) Cracked-out Pam Anderson? You mean it can get worse? That's like calling someone an oversexed catholic priest.

3) She's not just making a fool of herself, she's making a fool of humanity. As long as people keep watching, they'll continue with season after season until she's kissed and fondled every man in North America.

When are the tryouts for the next season? I'm just gonna nip this thing in the bud now, thanks.

michelle said...

Forget the boobs, I'm just amazed there is a pic with her EYES OPEN!

abe said...

P.S.: Can your breasts have an aneurysm? Because if so, I swear she's on track for one... they look like they're trying to run away from her crazy ass.

eschaton said...

I had heard of her but i did no know what people were talking about, (seriously i did put my foot in it, people were talking about her and i was like, "So there is this new reality show set in New York?") but then just this last Sunday i saw the last few episodes of Flavor of Love 2 and i thought she was just putting on a show, and i was watching her, a little fascinated by the performance, than i saw the last episode of that show with her and him on the boat and i realized this really was her. I felt a bit sick. The lady is not well, its abuse that there is a camera on her.