Friday, November 9, 2007

The New York Weekend

I finally got my butt up to New York for a getaway weekend with friends and had a great time. The issue was the daggone subway. Seriously, too confusing for me. I depended on my girls to figure out how to get where cause apparently there is 5+ ways to get everywhere and more trains than you can count. But we somehow managed.

The highlight of my touring was the Museum of Sex, which explored attitudes of sex and in the media through the ages. LOVED it!
It's a good thing I saw this sign before I got in cause...
This entire floor was nothing but live porn. I actually got to view some of Deep Throat and was impressed!

The scariest part of the tour and sex is pregnancy and childbirth. And that they've used tools like these to get the baby out.

Then we all went out for a night on the town where I then got tore up and drunk dialed several people.
But wasn't I fly in my new sweater, wrap belt and low rise jeans.
Yeah, had to bring a bit o' Bmore to NY.
Then we went to Harlem and had dinner at the famous Sylvia's Soul Food where we saw none other than Rosanne Arnold and Rosie O'Donnell have dinner with friends. Rosanne walked right by our table!

Had me some fun, spent me some money, at me some food and had a plenty of laughs.
So long, for now, New York. I'll be back someday.


Rashard G. said...

I've never been to NY believe it or not. I've been to mexico, Canada, most of the West coast, call kinds of places, never NY. That place seems intimidating. Looks like you had a good time though. Thanx for the pics.

Music Snob said...

In the 2 years that I lived in NY I am ashamed to say that I never made it to the Sex museum. It looks like good times were had. And that "do not mount" sign is hysterical!!! Hopefully on your next trip up you'll make if off the island to BK!

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Oh that museum was off the chain, I had to stop myself from buying half the things in the gift shop including a fascinating book.

And good note on the sign cause there were things on there that looked mountable.

Erika 2004 said...

Okay, now I simply must get back to NYC. If for no other reason than to check out the sex museum.

I have to agree about the subways. I needed a tour guide just navigate them. The native new yorkers tell me how "easy" it is. But we're from B-more. There is pretty much no way to get lost here on our subway system.

When are you ladies going to take on San Francisco?

mp1 said...

never been to NY, but I've gotta get there.
The sweater's a nice look on ya.
And those tools used for childbirth? I'm so glad I'm not a woman!

WendyB said...

Looks like you had fun! Come back soon :-)

AmyF said...

Uh, in the 4.5 years I've been in NY, I haven't been to the MoS either! I'm glad it was cool, I have to check it out some day before I move away from this damned city.