Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007 in Fells Point

Halloween 2007 was a ton of fun and me and some friends hit Fells Point for some bar-hopping, drinks and carrying on. It was mad crowded but the costumes looked great and I had fun taking pics. And the Cheekz were out!


Breakfast of Champions

Spartans- These guys were sooo hot. I think a pushed a girlfriend out of the way to get in this pic!

Uhhh, I think this was his costume.

Duff beer for me.

Again, just thought these guys were hot!

The entire Mario Bros. crew.

Can you believe there were two Uma's?

And his stereo was blasting Run DMC.

With Otis, who I mistakenly called Jerome.

Jesus was in the house (and that was a large cross he was carrying).

Blue Man Group

We believe that was Noah's Ark and they stayed together and walked around Fell's like that.

That Saw clown dude with victim (and he pedaled around on a tricycle).

Stacy in a Hat! So cute!

Me and Michael Vick (there were several)

Cat as a can-can girl. So pretty!

Me and some sexy vampire.

I was a girl scout! Anyone want some cookies?

My favorite costume of the night.

Dick in a Box!

Jill's interpretation of Uma ala Pulp Fiction.

Wha ya gonna call?

Can't wait til next year but I'm going to try and be more original with my costume.


Rashard G. said...

Ok so I have a subscription but apparently it takes 7-10 business days for the posts to hit my inbox. Anywho, these are some of the most creative costumes I've ever seen. The Dick in a Box, Wheaties, and Mario Crew were by far the best.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

OK, actually I just posted these today but since I started it on the 1st, it posted as the first so if you got an email, it was on point.

I should edit those dates so not to throw people (meaning you) off.

Yeah Fells on Halloween is always festive. I couldn't track down the group of Smurfs I saw. There was also a Hulk Hogan and a Catholic priest with a boy doll attached to his groin. Yikes.

Music Snob said...

Damnit! Who knew someone else was going to go as Billy, the Jigsaw puppet? Well at least I was near patterson park and dude was in Fells. Otherwise there might have been a problem. :)

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Oh that's his name, Billy? There were like 4 of them in Fell's. But he was the only one that brought his victim out. And rode a tricycle.

Erika 2004 said...

I like the homeless guy's sign. "Need money for beer". A while back, a friend of mine said he saw a homeless guy with that same sign. He decided to give him a dollar because he felt that at least the guy was being honest about where the money was going.

mp1 said...

I'll gladly buy some cookies from ya!

Where's the cheeks?!lol

WendyB said...

fun look cute.

Abe said...

1) Duff Man - check
2) The Ark - check
3) Ghostbusters - check
4) Dick-in-a-box - check

If someone was dressed as Mahmoud Ahmedinejad or Optimus Prime, I'd have to say that this was the single most impressive Halloween outing in ages.

Two snaps in Z formation.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

There was a Transformer there but I forgot to get his picture.

abe said...

Oh no, that is a travesty...

But you more than made up for it with ol' Andy Samberg and his box :-)

James Tubman said...

that dude otis looks like this dude named travis i knew from high school