Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: A Year in Review

Well, another one has come to an end and as usual, I like to look back and reflect on the year. It was a good one. Interesting, rocky in some areas, but full of growth, good times, new adventures and some nice surprises.

The Goods:

  • after setting a goal to get into local film last fall,m I'm delighted to say I not only started doing some acting and writing but starred in 4 local films during the year, one of which wsas screened at the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring and won an audience favorite award. Go me!

  • I also had the opportunity if being apart of a 2nd video shoot (see E Major's video), which was not only fun but gave me the opportunity to see some good friends I hadn't in awhile.

  • Finally got to go to Miami's South Beach (see that thread for pics).

  • Finally got the spend an entire weekend in New York, spending too much money but had a ball.

  • Finally got to go to San Diego, twice on business and see the left coast.

  • Had the pleasure of seeing Beyonce and Citizen Cope in concert.

  • Went camping for the first time.

  • Started my very own Baltimore Filmmaking Group to help local filmmakers network.

  • Saw Chicago, the musical, in the theater.

  • After a long round of sucky, uneventful, yawn-worthy and dismal first dates, I finally had an amazing first date with someone that proved to be a cut above the rest. Can't wait to see what else happens! Flirty 2

The Sucky Stuff:

Well, true to form, there were also a handful of awful, yucky stuff which honestly doesn't even deserve bullets here. There were some really dreadful, painful moments, lots of tears shed, remorseful things were said, regretful areas where things weren't said, hurt feelings, rejection, loneliness, writer's block (who knew), procrastination, agitation, various annoyances, migraines, friends left behind, friends who left me behind, job boredom/aggravation, conference calls, too-long meetings, isolation and overall suckation.

But that's all behind me now. A new year is approaching and as always, I'm going in and coming out with a bang. And I'm excited to see how this one unfolds and what new adventures I get into.

See ya on the other side!

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