Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Don't Call Him Girl

before you even think about picking up that phone,
remember how he left you hanging,
stranded, sad and all alone.

Before you even consider sending that text,
recall his guarded walls,
and how he had the balls,
to curtail his a daily communications,
to weekly, check-in calls.

Before you get all excited,
remember how your feelings were left unrequited,
Don't allow your mind to forgive the bad and emphasize the good.
Remember you were not considered,
you were not invited.
You were slighted.

Before you start to spin fantasies
all up in your head,
remember you were never in his,
at least not outside of his bed.
Remember what he did,
and not what he said.
Cause his words only attempted to feed,
the heart that needed to be fed.
Leaving the mind confused,
the soul shaken; the heart bled.

Lets go back and recall,
How he pursued you like a hawk,
And how you let him in,
Cause you thought he was genuine,
and then it crumbled when the catch was caught.

Take note of the blatant excuses,
Which got more and more absurd.
How baffled and dazed he left you
And when his actions didn't match his words.
Fuck what you heard!

Why should you try to mend a union,
that was never quite on track?
When you took steps forward,
and he took steps back.
And why should you compromise yourself
for a situation that was wack?
Only a fool would put up with his fuckery
Only an idiot would go back.

I remember how you were stressing,
over how you were confessing,
that your feelings were progressing,
too bad, his were regressing.
The love that's right won't keep you guessing.

Girl, don't buy into his temporary charms
he'd rather try his hand at all the beautiful women out there,
then to focus his attention on the one in his arms.

If his feelings were true,
He would have fought for you
the breakup was overdue
you alone can't build a house for two.
You came with your honesty,
he bullshitted and flew,
What is a girl to do?
You were smart the first time,
when you bid him adieu.

Your history was rocky,
only when he was bored, he appeared.
He entertained you just for the moment,
Then weekends hit, he disappeared.

You tried, he lied,
you cried, he denied.
Why give him back the option
and let him decide?
Why invest in a man that could never provide?
When you have everything to give,
and nothing to hide?
Is this a symptom of loneliness
or are you all about the ride?
Between you and him is a great divide.
Girl take back your pride!

Don't delude yourself into thinking,
he had the package deal.
Don't settle for some breadcrumbs,
when what you want is a real meal.

If he gave half a damn,
he’d have shown you that care,
he’d had put in the effort of building something,
the two of you could share.
And his sexin’ was hardly the best.
Oh yes!
I went there.

You'd be playin' yourself to go back.
Don't let him disgrace you.
Cause he didn't even bat an eye,
to replace you.
Nor is he breaking his neck now,
to chase you.
Or come correct with deserving treatment,
to embrace you.
Don't let him waste you.

You accepted him flaws and all,
while he made comments that made you feel sub par,
You were attentive to his needs,
trying to get closer,
while he toyed with your head,
and kept you emotionally far.

Know that this comes,
from a source of love
Please don't take this as an attack.
You call me, when you're feeling weak,
talk to me if you need a good smack.
Cause you deserve so much more,
than his tired, played out act
Keep moving forward, baby girl.
Don't look back.

© 2007


Not Your Average Male said...

Don't know what (read: who) inspired that, but it was awesome.

If somebody needs to be rubbed out, let me know -- I'm a rage-oholic and part-time henchman (or goon, whichever floats your boat). I just need to know a name, height, weight and if he likes dogs... I can take it from there.

Meatwad said...

You right that, Snowgirl?

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

You know what, the term "rubbed out" just doesn't get used enough in my opinion.

Great poem, I hope it wasn't recently inspired, but rather dug up from the archives of heartache from long ago.

Glad you're back.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Yes! I wrote every word.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

I'm glad to say its nothing recent at all, but inspired by past events and friends' experiences. It's a mere reminder to myself and all to never settle for or return to bullshit.

Meatwad said...

I hear you roar, woman!