Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Hangover

The next morning checklist:
  • sleeping til noon- Check!
  • finally getting up and walking like a cripple from dropping it like its hot- Check!
  • dizzyness- Check!
  • light-headedness- Check!
  • not remembering highlights like getting on stage and cooing my theme song to a crowd of onlookers-Check!
  • waking up with eyelash glue all over my face- Check!
  • finding my wash cloth with pink makeup smeared all over it- Check!
  • realizing that I peed in front of 3 other women- Check!
  • waking up to a fantabulous guy who thought I was the fucking hotness the night before- Check!

    Have to say it was a really good Halloween! My girls came up with the fabulous idea of going as the '80s cartoon band, Jem and the Holograms (cause we're truly, truly, truly outragous). I was Jem, my girl Cat was Shana and Morgan, Aja (sadly, we had no Kimber). And though we were a bit worried we'd look like drag queens or hookers, we were recognized by quite a few although while on stage for a costume contest, we were playfully referred to as Lil Kim and the Holograms and Jem and the Juicy Booties! Whatever, cause we rocked it! And Halloween is fast becoming one of my favorite holidays.

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Ingrid E said...

Jem is Truly Outrageous!

I must take full credit for the phrase "Halloween Hangover" least until someone else claims original!

We had so much fun Mama!