Monday, December 15, 2008


This just in: I am so unbelievably stressed at my job right now, I am actually considering a full-time career in hardcore porn.

My chosen porn name: Chianti Biggins!

If I'm gonna wok my ass off, I might as well, earn the cash for it.


girlwednesday said...

I think I told you that I went to HS with someone with that same first name...true story!

Eb the Celeb said...

I'm almost in that state of mind as well

and1grad said...

Maybe start with soft core. You know, work your way up.

Anonymous said...

Years ago when I was a commercial model, I was approached about doing some porno work. I'll be honest in saying that I had to do several days of soul-searching before giving an eventual "No". Who wouldn't want to get paid to enjoy some quick 'action'!? However and in the end, doing that type of stuff follows you to the grave and I couldn't get with it; but I ain't at anyone that does it :-)