Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Love My Black Folks But....

...the 2009 BET Awards, 'the hell was that???

Ok, let's backtrack. I don't watch BET. Haven't in about 5 years. Just hasn't appealed to me in a very long time for reasons I can't always put my finger on but Sunday night was the awards show and I wouldn't have known if it weren't for the constant Facebook updates by my BET-loving comrades. I kept hearing about this outfit and that performance but everytime I turned it on, I kept seeing some bullcrap: Soulja Boy (who was just awful) or some tired performance by a newbie artist (don't even know all their names).

Finally, out of sheer boredom, I tried to sit down and watch some since they were honoring The O'Jay's. But I barely got through a whole 30 mins without changing the channel.

Why did I see:

  • hoards of people standing up like they were at a concert

  • too many dudes in sunglasses, in the indoor arena

  • guys in T-shirts. This is suppose to be a formal event, right?

  • a large sign over top of the stage which apparently changed peridically to show advertising. When I saw a huge sign for Applebee's, I was too through! Why was there an ad there?

  • people in the audience texting on their phone

Ugh! What a ghetto event. I know they had the best intentions but I also found the Michael Jackson tributes hard to watch. Seemed too soon, not strong enough and the poor O'Jays were completely upstaged. I also heard about Joe Jackson's sad endorsment of his record business with a mere nod to the MJ tribute. Leave it to Joe and BET to give us this.

Anyway I'm through. BET just aint for me.


Jay1 said...

i wrote something about the awards too. check it out. afterwards though, i started thinking that the show was so bad becasue they clearly only had a day to plan. considering the short notice, i have to give it some kind of pass.

all in all though, i still have to admit that it was shitty.

i'm just saying.

Not Your Average Male said...

I tried to give it a pass for last second changes, but that didn't excuse Lil Wayne's like 10 year-old daughter and her friends being on stage whilst his crew performed a song that deals with the heartfelt subject of their desire to FUCK EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD.

That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

There was so much foolishness, that even the good moments (Ne-Yo all night, most of Jamie's singing, the old school section, etc) just seemed to be figments of my imagination.

Thank goodness for the memorial service in L.A.

Mista Jaycee said...

I just glad you said it! Now I don't have to.

CC said...

I wonder, did BET become more "coonish" like after it stopped being black owned?

Anonymous said...

Wow...you guys are harsh!!!LOL but just address the very first comment, i wouldn't say that the awards show was ghetto. i think i didn't see anything much different from any other awards show (with the exception of the Michael Jackson tribute). I do however agree that the awards show could have been a whoooole lot better than it was.
Not because of the time that they had to get it together, but because the ones who did performe could have done a lot more to pay respect to Michael Jackson.
1)I'm saying though, what the heck was Beyonce' saying??? Out of all the things she could have done to honor Michael Jackson, she chose that! She could have dance (she's a great dancer) or something!!!
2)And why wasn't Chris Brown there?
3)And why, oh why, on God's green earth were the O'Jays there?
Wasn't it suppose to be a show ALL about honoring Michael Jackson? The O'Jays didn't do not one thing to honor that man! If it wasn't for (my man) Jamie Foxx adding a lil spice and laughter to the show, the awards show wouldn't have been spit!