Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ghetto Is as Ghetto Does

(Repost from Myspace June 2007)

So I worked a promo last night and was badly in need of a drink after a long, taxing day. I was in Towson and decided to stop on through to my buddy Impulse's new club gig for a drink before I headed home. Well, I hadn't eaten since breakfast that morning (it was 10:30pm) so I decided to stop into Cluck-U Chicken for some quick wings before I got my beer on.

So I go and get a small thing of chicken wings, eat a few then decide to head to the club. But I wasn't finished my wings and sho' wasn't going to throw them away after I spent my hard-earned cash and knowing I could be munchin on them later. So I did what any other economic chick would do: I folded them neatly into the container (dipping sauce and all) and put them in my purse.

So I head to the B Lounge, get a Guinness and was chillin. I run into my friend TJ and mention how I stopped for some chicken and he mentions how good that sounds. I contend and wonder out loud if this club (which was a sushi restaurant by day) would mind if I bust out my chicken and finish my meal. TJ says go ahead, they won't care. I laugh thinking that is so ghetto. But hell with it. So I pull out my container and sauce and there I sat drinking a beer and eating chicken I had stored in my purse.

And it was good. Just goes to show, you can take the girl outta Park Heights but you can't take the Park Heights outta the girl!

P.S. And I ate the last peice of chicken this morning for breakfast. Yes I did!

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LongBeachBabe said...

OK, so guess what you totally made me crave that I had to drive to go pick up for my dinner excuse is that it's too hot to cook!