Monday, February 9, 2009

Apartment Living Rant

  • I am tried of the ghetto people who live here who drive and park up on the curb and sidework (the curb is very low). It kills the little bit of grass we have and blocks people in!

  • I am tired of hearing the noise from the girl upstairs from me who babysits wild-ass kids and lets them run like monsters all over top of me!

  • I'm tired of the young neighborhood kids who play in the halls and the parents who don't do a thing about it!

  • I'm tired of people slamming their doors shut all.the.time!

  • I'm tired of hearing people's loud, stomping footsteps over my head.

  • I'm tired of people holding coversations in the hall which can clearly by heard from my living room.

  • I am tried of hearing people coming and going at all hours of the night and beeping horns on top of that.

  • I'm sick of hearing people having sex over my head at 5am.

  • I'm sick of needing quarters to do laundry.

  • I'm so over looking at plain white walls (that cannot be painted).

  • I'm tired of hearing people yelling their convesations across the parking lot, up to their balconies or anywhere outside of my building.

  • I'm tired of having no cross ventilation with only 3 windows (on the same side).

UGH! I know, its gonna be alright. Cause soon as I can, I will move to bigger and better. Got your own housing rant, feel free to unload here.


CC said...

Girl girl girl, I feel your pain. I have the exact same problems you got up here! I swear I live below elephants and mythical minotaurs b/c no humans could possibly walk that heavily normally. I have already complained and am rit ta go!
I am also tired of having to live my life around finding parking. That is a major reason why I didn't do vball in the winter. If I come home late and have to park several blocks away after the game I'd rather do it during nicer weather.
And I'm tired of being cold in my apartment yet having monster sized oil bill to pay!
I hate my landlord and he better hope I don't talk to whoever he's trying to sell this place to!
Where ever I go next I am going to research the hell out of it. Put me near a bunch of old folks, on a quiet dead end street, with assigned parking.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Girl, I feel you on living with old people. When I first moved to my place, my neighbors were manly older elderly folks. Then young people started moving in and I can't stand the noise. They are so unaware of themselves. Ugh! Give me old, quiet people that sleep all day again!

yellojkt said...

I lived in an apartment where the girl upstairs had a very heavy boyfriend and you could hear EVERYTHING they did. I swore nobody would ever live over me again.