Monday, February 23, 2009

My Oscars Boycott

...yeah a day late and a dollar short. Shoot me, it was a busier weekend than I'd anticipated.

But back to what I was typing, I don't really do the Oscars anymore, since they began plucking my nerves a few years ago. Yeah, call me a pooper but I just really get sick of the celebrity worship that goes on in this country at times and particularly during these really unstable and unsure times that are scrawled across the face of any newspaper today.

My beef this year is simple, while millions of Americans are losing their jobs, losing their homes and losing their minds, I just can't quite applaud with glee overpaid, overexposed and overrated, stanking rich folks, who are already on top of the world and given opportunities, luxuries and goods that the average Joe will never see in two lifetimes, the chance to win more accolades, praise and worship.

Nope! Can't do it.

And for what? These trash-ass movies I can barely sit through? I just don't really share the enjoyment of giving more to people that have more than enough. I'm suppose to celebrate?

Hollywood can kiss my entire ass!


CC said...

Word- trust- you aren't the only one feeling that way. There is a reason why the Oscars has lost over 20 million viewers.

Jay1 said...

that's a good point.

Music Snob said...

On the one hand I totally feel you. But on the other couldn't one make the argument that events like the Oscars also have the effect of injecting money into the economy by temporarily providing folks with jobs? So while we can hate on all the flashiness and partying I'm sure all the peeps behind the scenes reaped some benefit. So by you boycotting and removing some of the revenue via lower viewership aren't you in theory hindering income that could be made by the average joe working behind the scene?

So I guess my point is that while I agree with you that frivolous spending and money flaunting is in poor taste, particularly in a shitty economy I do think that commerce still needs to continue in order for the economy to get better and the only ppl with extra money to spend are the "stanking rich folks". And personally spending money as part of the oscars is better than spending 40k on a pic of madonna's vajayjay where less ppl reap the benefit.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Music Snob-
I dunno. I guess I feel like with or without the Oscars and other awards ceremonies, those people are still making money since people will still go and see the movies. The awards are just more bonuses thrown at them.

But still a good point.

Still I say screw 'em!