Thursday, February 14, 2008


Feeling saved,
blessed and amazed.
eyes glazed,
you came to my rescue,
when I was too through,
with open and unguarded emotions,
uncommonly rare and yet so true.

And here I reflect,
on what may be to come,
you've managed to warm the flesh,
and awaken the senses,
on an emotional core that begun to grow numb.
And then some.

With a connection so stable,
it threatens to shake me,
but if this is a dream,
seriously, please don't wake me.

Feels too good,
exchanging shy glances,
blushing like a schoolgirl,
engaging in sly romances,
feeling like its a new world.

You made me believe again,
when my patience was wearing thin,
plus when,
I began losing faith in all men,
you came through on a level that's been unprecedented,
You plain represented.
Goddamn! Amen!

You bah-rought it,
and continue to bah-ring it,
I'm singing it!
No, actually, shouting your praises,
you've made a fool out of the formers,
and me, one lucky lady, and...

Anytime I sit and think could this be real,
your actions meet your words,
not holding back on how you feel.
That's mad appeal!

So what's the deal?

you got me straight contented,
and purring like a kitten,
Has the love bug bitten?
You enjoyed these words I've written?
Baby, you got me smitten!


michelle said...

Sooo cute!! :)

jsm said...

Call me a hater, but that was as sickly as sweet as scrambled Cadburry Eggs. :)

The Girl From Park Heights said...

I'm glad it turned your stomach.

I also hope my glee causes random bouts of nausea, vomiting and explosive diarrhea.

Anonymous said...

happy 4 u blog lady. I'm from the school of thought that says good things happen to good people. anyway, in the spirit of Valentine's day here I ate a bunch of Tangy Sweettarts with messages on them like 'Hug Me' etc. Didn't get no hugs though because hugging is secured onboard this mighty vessel.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

I gotta say, I look forward to your poetry. It's always deep, insightful, and just personal enough.

Not Your Average Male said...

Excellent, Smithers... no, but seriously -- that was awesome. Must be doing something right to have you dropping prose like that on us. Congrats!