Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friend Request Be Damned

Why? Why do people I have never heard of in life and have no friends in common with, request my friendship on either Facebook or Myspace? Myspace I can kinda understand cause its so freaking ghetto and peeps on there don't care but Facebook too?

One, if you know me, why not send a message along jogging my memory (and I have a pretty good memory of people I used to know). Second, if I don't know you why the hell would I add you based on nothing? That's not how it works in my book. I have no interest in adding someone I don't know for the purpose of getting to know them. Don't work that way. Honestly, the best thing is to at least send a message first, see what I am and if there is any interest to learn more about each other. I'm getting tired of ignoring random mofos on Facebook on the daily.



Music Snob said...

Girl I think I sent you a friend request on FB a few months ago and you rejected me. I'm still recovering. :(

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Music Snob- What? I probably didn't know it was you. Hit me back up and leave a note.

CC said...

Haha- I got that same thing. What is that all about. Facebook is for connecting with known friends. Not meeting strangers. That's what myspace is for haha.