Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tales of the Unemployed

Well, I'm finally ready to come out to the world: I'm unemployed! Yep, you read right, this girl from Park Heights, who had been working steady since 1995, lost her job right before Xmas 2008. Sad but true. It took me some time to really come out to others for a number of reasons. But mainly, it just took some adjusting and I had to spend some time making peace with my new situation and grieve a bit. It's hard (out here for a pimp) right now and I don't deal with dissappointment that well.

So I've been pounding the pavement hard, which translates to hitting the keyboard seriously hard as in hunting down jobs online, networking, and reconnecting with people. Also been spending time reevaluating my skills, positive and negative to see what needs to be improved and if my talents can be better utilized in new and different area. It's been a weird month and a half but I resolved to start the new year off on a good note, proceeding forward with a vengence on my new future. And the feedback, so far has been very good.

And I'm not going to focus on the boo-hoo-hoos of being jobless but share with you the more interesting observations I've had being income-challenged:
  • the less you do during the day, the later you stay up at night. I have to force myself to bed before 1am and that gets harder and harder
  • Aflac are a bunch of assholes! I've told those fools at least 4 times I am not interested and they keep calling and emailing. Must be the suckiest job in the world.
  • my cats really act like fools half the time
  • Recruiters who call are more serious, recruiters who email are usually full of BS.
  • there is NOTHING on TV during the day. That is motivation enough to keep a day job.
  • my cats Muffin growls every single time the mail lady comes. Everyday. I wonder if she's been doing this for the 3 years she's been living here. Everyday??
  • Craigslist is hit or miss for finding jobs. Many scammers there, though they haven't fooled this one!

I also have to mention there are a few times when being job-impaired has its positives:

  • when the weather is crappy, I can decide whether to leave the house or not and usually that decision is a fat no.
  • sleeping in til 11 or noon daily aint half busy. When most are busting butts at work., I'm fixing eggs & bacon and checking into my Facebook.
  • there's no shame in wearing PJs and sweats most days. Or showering every other day. Why waste good soap?
  • I'm getting a lot of reading done.
  • If my mom wants to pass me a 5 for giving her a ride from work. Cha-ching!
  • the work stress that was causing me to lose my hair and consider a career in hardcore porn is OVER! And I never have to see my old supervisor again! Peace bitaaaaaaach!

I'll be back in the grind again one day. And when I do, folks better break out cause I'll be coming through like a true foo schnick!


Music Snob said...

Sorry to hear that you're currently unemployed. But I'm sure something bigger and better is on the horizon. Good luck on the hunt!

ps I will refrain from commenting on the every other day shower routine. :)

Salesdiva said...

I feel your pain. Just got back to work after being unemployed for close to 6 months. SUCKED.

God Bless

CC said...

Considering a job in hardcore porn? haha, maybe it was a good thing you got out of there. I know there were times my sis and i joked about working the block to get some money but i'm sure i didn't get a degree to shake it on the pole! you'll get a better gig for sure!

Erika 2004 said...

Wow. So sorry to hear about your job lost. I know the feeling. I was laid off from my previous job, while 6 months pregnant.

My mom got laid off last year after about 20 years of service. She kind of has your point of view, more time to do what she wants, less stress.

Anyway, I wish you luck in your job search endeavors.