Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Beyonce Experience

So last night I had the pleasure of checking out Beyonce's The Beyonce Experience show and OMG! It was seriously THE BEST concert I have every been to. Soon as she hit the stage with Crazy in Love, every body was up on their feet, booty-dancing and singing right along with her.

But I have to say, I don't care what people say about her, the chick has mad talent. She performed for a full 2 hours with only brief 5 minute breaks in between dancing and gyrating to every beat, not missing a single step and still had the breath to then blow us out away with her powerful voice. She did not miss one melisma-laden note. The chick was popping that booty to up-tempo songs like Jumpin, Jumpin and Baby Boy, then she'd slow down and belt out Listen or Dangerously In Love and rocked it! She sounds exactly as she does on the tracks. She sounded amazing!

She did some Destiny's Child stuff, as well as some interlude of Jill Scott's He Loves me and Gnarl's Barkley's Crazy and even incorporated mixes of the Pink Panther theme and the Cellblock Tango from the musical Chicago before she came back out to do Ring the Alarm in a long red fireman's style coat. And I have to admit, I felt particularly inspired when she began singing Survivor and Me, Myself and I, two of her female-empowering anthems.

And she was absolutely beautiful. She was rocking this super long, super wavy, loose curled hair that she flung around so many damn times, you'd think she'd get whiplash, but no, it all stayed on and nothing came out and no, she did not fall at all that night. The abs were tight and I swear you couldn't even tell she was sweating (and it was hot as a mofo in there). Backed up by an all-female band and some cut male dancers who I did not mind watching grind and hump the stage floor at times, the entire show ensemble rocked. An when she got around to singing Irreplaceable, there wasn't a person in there who didn't have both hands raised and pointing "to the left, to the left", male or female and singing word for word. I seriously did not want the show to end. But she ended it by singing Happy Birthday to any 'B-day' peeps in the audience and throwing a sweat-soaked towel to one girl who couldn't stop crying.

I walked back to the subway pumped up and ready to go dancing and wondering why I didn't take the morning off. Nevertheless, The Beyonce Experience? Indeed!

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