Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pheenin' For My Next Fix

You entered my system, like a viral infection
within my blood,
and I liked it.
I allowed it.
I devoured it.

Your kiss penetrated,
your words,
like a sharp prick against my throbbing vein,
my emotions,
spin upward and out of my control,
sending all types of chemicals to my brain.

My heart rate escalates,
my knees become weak,
my temperature rises,
I'd scream,
but I can't quite speak.

I close my eyes,
allowing reality to fade,
feels as if time is in retrograde

Totally vulnerable,
I embrace you slipping inside,
while I enjoy the full extent,
of this magic carpet ride.

If its really good, I feel like I can fly
no lie,
yours must be the purest of all supply.

Suddenly, all my problems have gone away,
Magically, all my troubles have washed away,

I'm singing, I'm sailing,
I'm dancing, I'm wailing,
my eyes are glazed over,
I'm laughing out loud.
I'm larger than life,
walking on water,
I'm floating upwards toward the sky,
hovering dreamily,
I can touch the clouds.
Tonight, I am a queen,
until the high comes down
tomorrow; a pheen,
and wandering aimlessly around.

my skin's gone cold
shaking and twitching,
the buzz has grown old.

I find myself curled up in a ball,
up against the wall,
my stomach tied into knots,
I'm cold, then I'm hot
The emotional effects of withdrawal.

The aftermath aint easy,
Why'd you do this to me?

Soon, my whole body aches
my extremities shake,
but I’m wide awake
this is more than I can take.

The adrenaline subsides and dissipates
and I am left with,
the distance and isolation,
that my temporary highs create.

I'm parched,
I'm thirsty,
I'd trade up whatever I could give,
just to have two more hits.

Staring at the ceiling,
mental thoughts scattered in disarray,
yet on one item,
a feeling,

Crawling around disoriented,
in a haze of confusion,
I'm hungry,
no starving,
I'm searching
and craving
and pheenin'
for my next fix.

© 2007


digga said...

girl, you got me worried now. You better call me soon.

B-More Chick said...

I feel this. In fact I'm going through this. My own withdrawal that is.