Sunday, August 19, 2007

The South Beach Vacation

After a year of talk, me and the girls finally made it down to South Beach in Miami, and seriously, I did not want to leave. We stayed at this adorably cute spot right on the beach and lounged and ate and shopped and chit-chat and ate some more the whole time.

Unlike Ocean City, MD, the water was actually turquoise and see-through beautiful. And felt like it was 75 degrees. And the men! Whoooo, child! I never saw so many fine ass men in my entire life. Every one of them it seemed was jogging and frollicking around the beach with apple butts and cut abs and firm thighs and tanned arms. Matter of fact, everybody there was tanned including me, getting nice and crispy dark.
But I loved it! It was hot and sunny everyday. We were in walking distance of everything you can eat, buy or lounge on there was so much activity everywhere.

So I began thinking, I should move here! The weather is hot, there's lots to do, plenty of hot men, bars, partying, young people, I can walk around half naked, what's the minus? But I got a bit discourage when I asked a friend about the dating scene and she replied that it was mainly "white and shallow". So me and the girls went to the club Mansion to check out the scene and despite the long line waiting behind a velvet rope, I found it rather tame and the women there had nothing on me. The music was their downfall (it was mainly techno and no Bmore club of course) with only one small room dedicated to "urban" music fans. I was unimpressed but no longer intimidated. Though I take note that there weren't enough nappyheads walking around.

Perhaps that will change.


Kelly said...

Me first! :) I like your hair curly, Charlee!

Anonymous said...

You seem to have gotten some sand on your bottom. I happen to be a professional sand brusher offer. I take my time and I'm very thorough. >:)