Monday, January 14, 2008

My Solution for True Justice

....and some may not like this. But I was watching the morning news this morning (or really trying to sleep through it) when of two disturbing stories shook the sleep out of my eyes and got me thinking.

The first was the truly horrendous story of a Mobile, Alabama man that pushed 4 of his children all a bridge, ranging from a few months old to 3 years old. Two bodies were recovered and police are searching for the other two. What in the hell!!!!

The other story was that of a child that was beaten to death by his parents. Even worse, is when I tried to do a Google search for that article to provide the link, I found dozens more stories of children beaten to death. I couldn't even find the one I was looking for. Instead, I found these:

But I'm not highlighting these stories because they are children or because these were brutal deaths. What struck me is what sentences will these killers face? Jail time? 25 years to life? Death? I'm sorry but if it were up to me (and luckily for them its not) I say the punishment should fit the crime!

You beat someone to death, your punishment should be a swift beating, the exact same way as they did their victim, TO DEATH!

You decide to push your children off a bridge, sentence that mofo and let's quickly do away with him and PUSH HIS ASS OFF THE VERY SAME BRIDGE! That way when he's falling to his death, he'll know exactly what his children experienced in their last moments.

Let's do away with these long, lengthy trials, appeals and convicted killers sitting in jail for decades awaiting the chair or lethal injection (which I think is way too humane for these crimes). I say, let's try them and within 30 days, put their asses to death. The same way they dealt it out.

Think of the taxes dollars we'd save, for months and years of housing, food and medical costs. Perhaps we could reallocate that into education or better health care. Some will say its cruel and unusual. Well it was damned cruel and unusual to push a baby off a bridge! Or give a child methadone. Or beat someone upside the head with a cricket bat. Why should these people's lives be spared? When innocents lay dead. I think if its true justice, the killers should be killed!

Why not try it? Do 30-day or 6-month trial. See how it works?

Pfffff! Ya'll lucky I'm not running things, I swear. It'd be a whole helluva lot different! Heads would roll! Literally!


Cat said...

I'm with you only if the person was convicted on direct evidence (which is rare). If its circumstantial no way. You don't want to push a person off a bridge who was really innocent.

Candi said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I'm all about an Eye 4 an Eye.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

Maaaaaaaan, I've been saying for years that your punishment should mirror the crime. I couldn't agree more. Here are some examples.

Mike Vick: He should have to get into a pit and fight a dog that has only been eating food from Arby's for a week.

Scott Peterson: Someone needs to kill him and dump his body in a lake somewhere.

R. Kelly: He should be forced to have sex with Bea Arthur and have her pee on him after she's finished.

The Writers of Cavemen: They should be forced to watch their show incessantly while being tied down.

O.J.: Don't even get me started on that clown.

You, Candi, and myself should go for the three-headed HN'sIC conglomorate and clean the shit in this world up.

Erika 2004 said...

I think that the punishment should definitely fit the crime. Of course, with "an eye for an eye" type of world, we better make damn sure that the accused is guilty as hell. And I also agree that the punishment needs to be swift. I am so tired of hearing about "beyond the shadow of the doubt", guilty as hell mofos wasting my tax dollars with endless appeals, dragging out for 20 something years or more.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Direct evidence! Whatever. Off with their heads!

Naw, just kidding. This should definitely be reserved for killers convicted under hardcore evidence.

Then push them off a bridge!

Brien said...

According to recent government publishing "Federal prisoners cost an average of $23476.80 per year to imprison". We know at least one sicko kills someone per day minimum, actually more like ever few minutes. Even if we were to kill one a day for a year we would save
$8,569,032.00 annually. Just by doing the eye for an eye thing. So we pay more to keep criminals alive than some of these families make in this country. Imagine if we re-alocated those funds to our education system, or even fed and housed the homeless in this country. Or even medical research. That would be hundreds of millions put to bettering our society and way of life...

wv said...

Eye for an eye. Get some! HOO RA

James Tubman said...

you are scarring me

if you think that we should kill people who kill children

then what about our government who kills hundreds of thousands of innocent children all around the world

droping bombs on hospitals

spraying innocent people with napalm

what these people did to their children was horrible

but it doesn't measure on the richter scale of death that our government has caused for so many innocent people on our dime by the way

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Kill the government! Drop a bomb on their house! See how they like it.

They don't know what they're doing any damn way either.

OR maybe the govt. shouldn't be killing people either.

James Tubman said...

sorry for getting so serious

don't get your pannies in a bunch. lol

Not Your Average Male said...

Whoa, this is turning into Hiroshima/Nagasaki again!

Funny that you mentioned heads rolling, b/c I was so gonna suggest that we bring back the guillotine!

Seriously, I agree with Cat and E2K4 -- I don't mind someone getting their just dessert as long as we have irrefutable evidence that the defendant is guilty. How many people have been released after 24 years in jail after new DNA tests prove their innocence? One is too many.

As for the bridge guy, I say suspend him between the joints of a closing bridge until his body shreds like Polly-O string cheese.

jsm said...

The judicial system is too fucked up as it is. In a perfect world, like, I dunno, Saudi Arabia, punishment does fit the crime. However, here in the states, so many people have been wrongfully convicted that state Governor's have actually had ban the death penalty.

Still, killing people is not going to solve anything. I'd rather put them to work. We'd save a lot more money putting these fuckers to dig ditches and break rocks instead of killing them.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

JSM huh?

Fine, make them dig ditches and break rocks if we don't have enough evidence


Ok, just jokes. But whatever! Do something! Bigger than what we're doing now!

jsm said...

yes, JSM-- short for:

"Jesus Still Matters"

James Tubman said...

i took an anger management class and it did me some good

hint hint lol

AmyF said...

"In a perfect world, like, I dunno, Saudi Arabia, punishment does fit the crime."

Lol, what?! In Saudi Arabia, they punish and even kill women for being raped (silly women, going out and getting themselves raped). I wouldn't exactly consider that "punishment fitting the crime." Also, since when was Saudi Arabia a perfect world?

Anyway, I just wish I could hex people.

jsm said...

Amy my dear, we call that sarcasm :).