Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baltimore City Git Yo Shit Straight!!!

It's no goddamn wonder this city is so fucked up, they can't even process a goddamn parking ticket!

Back story, I got a parking ticket for being dumb enough to park in Federal Hill during a Raven's game (how about the stadium is not even close to Federal Hill but whatever). I promptly send in my check for $77 and some idiot collections data entry clerk endorsed the check but entered the wrong account number, so I continued to get repeated warnings and additional fines for close to ONE YEAR later! It took several calls before we finally got it straight and my check dated Aug 2006 was finally correctly applied in June 2007.

Fast forward now and I make the 2nd stupid mistake of parking in Federal Hill (damn you Fed Hill, I fucking hate you and I'm never parking there again!) Again for $77. I again, promptly send off my check through my bank's bill pay soon as I get it. One month later, I get a warning from the MVA stating that until that ticket is paid I can't renew my tags. Where the fuck is the first check! Oh, you guessed it, Baltimore City LOST IT! Yes they did! Cause Suntrust surely sent it out and I've never had any problems with them sending out checks before. So now Bmore City has lost another payment and my fines are continuing to go up! And now my tags and registration are expired!

So after I then get in the mail notice of my flag fees from the MVA for this ticket and THE ONE FROM LAST YEAR, I give in and pay everything online, thinking that would actually clear everything. I then go to renew my tags. Guess what! The MVA still has me as having an unpaid violation cause the stupid fucking Baltimore City website also still has my ticket as open and outstanding. WHY? Cause, as the website states, it could take up to 3 WEEKS TO PROCESS PAYMENTS ONLINE.Perturbed


Why the FUCK does it take 3 weeks to process a payment online? Wouldn't that be faster than mailing ina love check? Cause I've been paying my Verizon, Comcast, Citibank, American Express, student loans, BGE and everything else online and it gets processed immediately! Tell me why, Baltimore City, a government which handles important shit that can effect your car's registration has implemented an online payment systen that works so fucking shittily that payments aren't processed automatically! Can someone explain this disgraceful system of screwing people over!
Computer Smash
And I don't give a shit if I get pulled over, that cop will hear my mouth cause I have done everything I'm suppose to do including making not one but TWO payments and here I stand with NO FUCKING TAGS!

And I'm suppose to "BELIEVE" in this city. Get your shit straight Baltimore! How hard is it to have a working payment system the hell down there??? And I will print this blog and mail it to the Director of Finance down there and I should copy it to Mayor Dixon too. They are so damn happy to take the money but don't even know how to process it.

Get it together!



Erika 2004 said...

That's Baltimore City for you. A while back, the City tried to order that my mom get her driveway repaired. Not the entire driveway but a small piece that they claimed she was responsible for. They wanted to charge $2000 to have it repaired. $2000?!? And she's not even getting an effing entire driveway?? Anyway, it turns out it wasn't on her property. It was the City's responsibility. Do you think that effing driveway patch was fixed? Well, yeah, about 2 years later. It suddenly wasn't that important.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

Erika 2004- Wow! You don't say. Now that is very interesting.

Rashard G. said...

Tell 'em why you mad son, tell 'em why you mad! I haven't lived here full time in about 8 years and I'm starting to hear a ton of horror stories. When I left, Baltimore was "The City That Reads". We see what a load that was. I came back to visit and we were, "The Greatest City in America." Laughable. Now we have all this "Believe" shit. When you mention Baltimore to someout outside the city and the first words out of their mouth are, "That's where they do The Wire" that's not a good sign. I hope your situation improves.

Abe said...

My suggestion? You could always move to Aliquippa, PA. Why? Because it's called Aliquippa.