Tuesday, October 9, 2007

You Know You're at a Black Child's Birthday Party If...

1. Some of the guest didn't bring a gift, but brought extra uninvited kids.
2. The cake says "Happy Birthday Pookie" instead of the child's name.
3. The party is at Chuck E. Cheese, but they brought their own food, cake, etc.
4. It's a child's party, but there are more grown-ups than children.
5. It's De'Vonte's 1st Birthday, and the party food is BBQ and daiquiris.
6. Instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, they have a "Back That Thang Up" contest.
7. They don't sing "Happy Birthday"; instead everyone is chanting "Go Man-Man, It's Your Birthday".
8. There are twenty kids at the party, but no parents (they got dropped off).
9. The party was over at 5:00; it's 8:00 p.m. and somebody's child is still there.
10. Instead of loot bags, the party favors are in Ziploc baggies.
11. The birthday cake is Red Velvet.
12. The invitations said "Pizza Party"; you get there and frozen Tony's Pizza is being served.
13. The host calls someone who's on their way and tells them to stop and get some ice.
14. The guests start arriving and the host disappears to get ready.
15. You buy some food stamps from your cousin to buy the party food.
16. You hear someone tell the birthday child, "I am going to get you something next week when I get paid."
17. The party wasn't planned – the birthday child just went outside and said, "Mama said I'm getting ready to have a birthday party, come on!"
18. You got a call on Friday night saying, "I am giving Ke-Shawn a birthday party tomorrow at 3:00."
19. All the kids at the party have on new clothes that they got just for the party.
20. None of the gifts are wrapped because the guest stopped by the store on the way to the party.
21. The gift is still in the store bag.
22. They don't serve punch, you get Kool-Aid and those store brand cheese puffs.
23. The Baby Daddy, the mama's boyfriend, and the mama's ex-boyfriend (the one the kid likes so much) are all there, and the child is calling them ALL "Daddy".
24. There are more family than friends at the party.
25. The birthday child is late to his/her own party because last night they spent the night with their cousin 'n’ em.
26. You have the party over your sister's because she just bought a new house.
27. The cake didn't come from the store, it came from "the lady who makes good cakes".
28. You have to hold on to the plate that you ate your food on to eat your cake.
29. Someone calls and says, "Save me some cake."
30. Guest are wrapping up cake to take to Mama 'n’ em.
31. It's a child's party, but there's a domino game in progress.
32. The baby daddy shows up with all his boyz and you start to fear that there will be a drive-by.
33. The party music is coming from the trunk of someone's car.
34. The Soul Train Line and Electric Slide get started.
35. You and your baby daddy get into an argument because he was supposed to chip in for the party but didn’t because he said, "You get child support, don't you!?!"

I'm sure this has been circulating hundreds of times already, but it still cracks me up!


Rish said...


Valley Girl said...

You guys have Red Velvet cake??? I need to be invited to one of your parties! Btw, I LOVE doing the electric slide. All the Asian old people do it at our weddings. =)

mp1 said...

you wrong for this! lol

WendyB said...

I thank the God I don't believe in that I haven't had to go to a child's bday party in years, but if there is a possibility for BBQ and daquiris, I might reconsider my stance.