Monday, October 1, 2007

Teach You How to Love???

I'm bothered by this new song by Musiq Soulchild where he is basically asking someone to teach him how to love. The lyrics are like this:

Teach me how to love
Show me the way to surrender my heart, girl I'm so
Teach me how to love
How I can get my emotions involved
Teach me,
show me how to love

I'm bothered cause it got me thinking are there actually people that don't know how to love? To get their emotions involved? How does that happen? How does it not come naturally to some people? Can it be taught? I'm sorry but I know if I were to come across a dude that asked me that, I'd be slightly horrified. If you at this point in your life (meaning adulthood) have never loved or really been in a situation where you'd surrendered your heart and got emotionally involved, why/how could I get involved with such a robot? And while asking for help might be the first step in solving the problem, how do you teach that? By example? By diagram? PowerPoint? How do you teach one to feel? I can't fathom it. Even scarier is that there may be people walking around like this right now.

I sure hope one doesn't try and date me one day. Whose got the energy for that?


Music Snob said...

"Even scarier is that there may be people walking around like this right now." lmao!

In any case what I think Musiq meant to say is teach me how to appropriately show you that I love you. Also just because a person has "never loved or really been in a situation where they surrendered their heart" doesn't mean that they are a robot. I think it more so means that the right person hasn't come along for them. However, I do think that some people never learn how to appropriately demonstrate their love in a way that meets the standards of their partner. Which then creates a situation where you have to either accept what they have to offer or move on.

Rashard G. said...

Hell, some people can't even speak in complete sentences. Do you really expect people to know how to love? I kid. Love is so complicated sometimes (all the time) and people, like everything else, look for the easiest way to learn how to do it. In my opinion, it's something that moreso has to be understood than learned.

michelle said...

I think I'll teach by using flash cards or what's that thing where the guy trained the dogs to salivate whenever a bell rings? Hehe just kidding.

I wouldn't want someone who I have to "teach" to love either, especially because sometimes I myself feel so inexperienced.

Anonymous said...

He could always buy the Book of Love. Of course that shit's probably expensive. I had to buy this accounting book in college one time and it was like $80. I thought that was a bit excessive. I mean what's the markup on those things? How much does it really cost to make an accounting book? That guy should write a song about that. The heartache of spending your money on schoolbooks.


maddypappy1 said...

He's trying to figure out how she wants him to show his love. I feel like I'm going through this with my girl right now. I have a way that I show love (which is usually through buying things or doing things for her) and she has her way (which usually involves all of the touchy feely PDA stuff). I simply hate PDA, but I'm trying to learn how to appease her and embrace some aspects of her love style. Maybe he's saying that it's about learning to compromise to the needs of your significant other?

The Girl From Park Heights said...

To MaddyPappy and Music Snob- Ok, thanks for the differnt perspective cause I of course took it as he truly just doesn't know hot to love and give of himself which I thought was just horrible. But I hadn't considered your views. Good to consider.

Skinny Black Chick said...

Hey! I just did a blog about this song a few days ago. (I'm really starting to think you're stealing my thoughts! LOL). But seriously, I agree with my Cleveland brethren Maddy. Feeling love and expressing it in a healthy way are two totally different things. He's basically just saying that he needs to know how to be vulnerable. And I'm down for any man who a)is man enough to admit he needs some help and b)is willing to work at being a better man for his woman. Even a SuperSingle chick like myself can appreciate that!