Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Even the So-Called Experts Don't Always Know

A few weeks ago, I had an incident with my car and ended up, almost in a ditch (another story). But I was fine, and so was my baby Honda. But it became so dirty, I decided to treat myself to a good car wash. Not the cheapo ones I'd been getting at the gas stations, but a full-fledged one, where actual humans wipe it off and make it shiny. It was also overdue since I hadn't had it done in over 6 months and I was concerned about my alloy wheels. Since, I so rarely get it professional washed and skip it altogether during the winter months, I'd developed a lot of brake dust, which I begun to worry had hardened and couldn't be removed.

So I go to the car wash (at Sparkle Car Wash on Reisterstown Rd.) and they do a good job, but they don't get most of the brake dust off. I ask them if there is anything more they can do to clean the wheels. The wheel guys use this cloth and try and wipe them more but its not coming off. The manager, probably thinking that I'm complaining comes over and asks if there is a problem. I explain that there isn't but I'm wondering if there is anything I can buy from the store that may help remove some of the brake dust. He hesistants, then tells me I might be able to find some cleaner from some auto store way down yonder somewhere but that brake dust like that won't really come off anymore. I ask, can I try something from Auto Zone (which is ONE block up the street), he mumbles a yeah, I guess you could. And I leave a tip and mosey on up there.

I go to Auto Zone, where they have a whole display of wheels cleaners and pick out a nice wheel brush. I go home, follow the directions and wouldn't you know it...not only did all the break rust come right off, but it looked better than what the guys at Sparkle had done. I then wondered why the manager at the car wash didn't know about this product, nor where they using it and just relying on some rags and water to clean alloy wheels. I mean Auto Zone was only the next block up; walking distance really. $9, 10 minutes of my time.

Anyhoo, I was glad I took matters into my own hands. Just goes to show that even the so-called experts don't always know what they're talking about.
Explore the world, find your own answers, I say!

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Rashard G. said...

"Explore the world, find your own answers, I say!" That can be applied to SO many facets of life. Most people are content with just maintaining the status quo, unfortunately...even when it comes to simple, easy things like removing break dust. I detailed cars for Bloodmax - I mean CARmax for two years. Removing brake dust with an abrasive pad was step ONE. Pathetic. Tighten up, Sparkle. Tighten up.