Sunday, September 16, 2007

Baltimore: 6 Deaths in 16 Hours

I check the headlines this morning, like I always do and there it was; more homicides form the city that bleeds. This time 6 people had been found dead between the city and county lines driving our death toll for 2007 up to 218, up from 193 at this time last year.

All the deaths apparently occurred within a period of about 16 hours. Some
victims were killed on the streets, others in their homes and one at a bar. They
came from different walks of life and police say none of the deaths appear to be
What the hell is going on around here? More and more people are telling me to be careful as I am often out and alone late at night and I’d never really felt unsafe or threatened to be honest but I may need to watch my back.

Or start packing. Seriously, I gotta get up outta here.

Edited 9-17-07: Oh I just found out 3 more people were shot and killed over the weekend bringing our bodycount to 221 (260 days into the year). Damn.


Music Snob said...

6 ppl in 16 hrs? Too sad! I totally feel you on the safety issue. A couple of my classmates have been robbed and held up at gun point. Thankfully no one has been hurt. However, a few years back (before my time) one of my professors was was kidnapped in one of the school garages, badly beaten, and left for dead in the trunk of his car. Thankfully he survived, but totally ridiculous nonetheless!

Be Safe!

maddypappy1 said...

Cleveland, Ohio, different city, same problem. Like B-more, we've also exceeded the number of murders from last year. Amazingly that happened in July. It's sickening and frustrating to see a total disregard for life, especially among our generation. Extreme changes and reforms need to be made in the hood in order to correct this and other social ills.

eschaton said...

got to be careful at night. I live near the fells point area and people are getting beat up or robbed on the way home. I mean at night dont go off the main strip. Bunch of kids were running around last two nights breaking car windows in the neighborhood. Got mine and some others. Its a jungle down here and im at least ready to move out of the city.